I think we all agree on the left that at this point pretty much anyone is better than the Tories. We know this, but it’s probable the electorate doesn’t. So we need to spread the good news outside our echo chambers and do it fast, for our future.

Corbyn is so ravishingly electable that immediately after his election in 2015, the MSM already came armed with a dirty PR trick to package his dangerous victory to the public, before they could make up their own mind. I know from backchannels the secret services worked in overdrive after his election, such is the panic that an honest politician can instill in the establishment. The campaign to sell him as unelectable and daily hammer him for his allotment, his beard, his sleeping on a train… was fixed by the Murdoch and Dacre media so that people would not pay attention to his policies, which ring very close to home, but to his persona. Before news could travel to you of the new anti establishment hero with a spotless political CV, the news were doctored so you would despise him irrationally.

UN found this government’s austerity regime to be in violation of human rights. But some will still vote Tory because they have better suits. How can we allow these people to decide our future? It’s a grim case of democracy fail. We should all go out, day and night, and employ our best powers of persuasion.

This below is a basic arsenal. There is a good list of arguments and data in the socialist paper the Word, which will be distributed free of charge in the run up to the election. I am just going to provide a few arguments I haven’t found elsewhere which might resonate with some of the people sitting on the fence or who have simply been too busy to get politically informed.


Tory voters won’t swing with arguments about what Corbyn will do for the poor. Tory voters by and large think the poor deserve it. And not just them: Lib Dem mayoral candidate Jane Brophy said in recent Manchester hustings that the homelessness crisis is down to personal failings of the homeless, like mental health and drug issues. An absurd statement to make in a Britain where coercive legislation has been forcing even pensioners on the street. I can’t be the only one hearing about the many recently unemployed mothers who were told by the DWP that they could receive housing help, if only they broke up with the husband. The very essence of sadistic politics. What Tory and Lib Dem voters need to understand is that they, as middle class, are not as sheltered as they think. In internet forums, whereupon I denounced May as the establishment’s pawn, Tory voters argued that’s not an issue, since they feel the establishment is on their side. This is an economy of wagecucks where fiscal wealth is fickle and everybody is a personal disaster away from being destitute. A debt economy, where people only afford luxuries the bank actually owns. An intensive competitive economy, where like the goods we buy, our labour gets cheaper and cheaper… meaning we have to work more for less and less. House ownership has become a luxury. Which is why many working people slip into homelessness in this, the 1st world. A sense of precarious balance concealed from view by an abundance of perishable goods that momentarily emulate wealth. When the shopping rush wanes, you’re left with depression.

The truth is, the middle class looks down in contempt and fear of the working class. The well off think the poor simply don’t work hard enough. Which is of course wrong. It’s just, the careers chosen by the middle class happen to be well rewarded financially by this system; they’re not innately better. Hedge funds aren’t somehow superior to nursing people back to life. In fact, everyone knows the former is a fraud. A scheme for wealth transfer. But because the middle class chose certain professions, they think they have a moral validation that the poor miss. In fact, there is no working class, middle class. They’re both working class. Just, the middle class is a bit confused by the size of the shopping trolley. They’re still vassal to the upper class. Maybe even more than the poor with nothing to lose. Oftentimes, a semi rich CEO is sleepless thinking of the millions he can lose, the expensive divorce, the alienated children. The poor also stress, but on a different scale. The truth is, everyone is stressed. Everybody is kept chasing reward in a rigged system. The world economy is very powerful yet everybody chases crumbs. The middle class should know better and wake up to the potential solidarity with their poorer brethren. If they want freedom with their Egyptian cotton sheets, that is.


The globalised economy is a very complex issue that could easily take hours. I’m going to keep it short by referencing something that hopefully my friends on the left know already: it’s an unsustainable war economy, based on predation of the second and third world countries, both through resources and labour force. Those more financially stable voters, are they aware what is the global price of their comfort? When they wave their “hard work” and trophy golf course, do they know what they’re partaking in?

Can you reasonably know how all your lifestyle is sourced, from coffee farms to clothing sweatshops to Apple factories in China, and say you want more of the same? Why would you, in the malignant late stage neoliberalism, want to be on the side of the party that talks about “economic progress” and productivity? Shouldn’t you take a step back and reconsider economic theory, I mean surely there is a different way of doing things that doesn’t involve people and animals dying for each item you buy. And before the Tory yells commie, remind them there is more to life than the pseudo dichotomy capitalism communism. There are shades in between. The fact we are this way, is no indication this is the only way. It’s a mere indication that it benefits current power to stay this way. This can be changed. In fact, all the things we like, like freedom of speech, liberation of minorities from slavery, a secular state, and technology and science, have been won through hardship and effort from an established hegemony. You don’t, as a Corbynista, advocate a luddite lifestyle. You advocate progress, out of the bloodied, warmongering stagnation the 21st century is in. Neoliberalism isn’t about progress anymore; it’s not the future; neoliberalism is akin to the catholic Church of its heyday: a relic violently holding onto antiquated models.

Thousands of people died as a result of brutal austerity cuts. A Tory will generally deny this. Offer statistics. My experience is there is no limit to the ingenious methods of explaining away data; confirmation bias a powerful disease. If you corner a Tory in debate, and they say they don’t care… is he/she prepared to carry the responsibility that comes with tolerating a state’s open warfare on its people? Are they certain they are protected? Are they really not concerned that a state engaged in extreme surveillance and eugenics might turn against them? This, if they are morally fine with the pogrom of disabled, ill, old, young and mentally fragile…which frankly, a lot of the Tories I spoke to will nonchalantly dismiss as distant and irrelevant.

Use all channels. Talk to your cab driver, the shop keep, the nanny, the parents. Talk and convert everyone. The country is slipping desperately into tyranny. We need to persuade people.

It’s a tough battle, because the Tory voter, like the ukipper, will have spent ages subjected to media deceit. A whole alternative universe will have been built inside their head, a coherent and convincing narrative where the state is good and protects you. And the danger is from the unfortunates, the poor, the immigrants, the victims of the regime. I’ve seen it all before, though not this masterful: in communist Romania, the better off were also bribed to think the regime was good. They unabashedly enjoyed little luxuries while signing away death sentences for their brothers. It will be a tough journey to reverse the conditioning, but Corbyn gives hope. Working around the Corbyn movement, we can now plant the seeds of the future. The future is coming anyway, and we should be on the right side, like our heroic beacon of integrity, Jezza.