Yazidis, in worship

Let’s talk about the Yazidis — a fascinating sect of people that are currently being slaughtered, raped and pushed into extinction by ISIS in the Middle East (mostly Syria).

Perceived as Satan worshippers, they are subject to religious hatred. And the odd thing is, that’s quite correct.

Their religion is very old and predates the other monotheistic abrahamic religions in the area. They present a primordial version of the first testament that shows a completely different Origin Myth–one that sees Satan as the guy who brings humans, not an apple (symbol of knowledge), but WHEAT (the first plant domesticated by humans that generated the agricultural revolution 12,000 years ago). So Satan, or as he is known to Yazidis, Shaitan/Melek Taus, is the agent of human domestication — not moral ruin. This is of fundamental importance in understanding the real unperverted story of the Bible as it occurred to primitive people: as folk tale of how they first settled down from nomadic hunter and gatherer lifestyle into settlements that started History 12,000 years ago.

This story deserves to be known on a large scale, on a planet the history and present of which have been so deeply marked by Christianity — a religion that deformed for its own propagandistic purposes what was an honest tale. It serves the purpose of smashing through “mythological” primitive worship of the literal Bible story and understanding it for what it is. And also drawing attention to the fact that the current pogrom of the Yazidis prevents this truth from being spread before it dies with them.


Our whole western civilisation is based on the Bible as origin story. Now we know it’s very unreliable and makes some outrageous supernatural claims that dissipate under scientific scrutiny. Most educated folk in the West would be quite scornful of the Bible, even.

And they should be. Whatever it was for the first Christians, and before, monotheistic religion has since, over 2,000 years of history, become a mind control device, a political control mechanism, and a shabby ideology that many died for, while the rich and the powerful never really abode by. Moreover, in its name, the massive foundational international pogrom known as colonisation was made in God’s name, leading to many Stockholm syndrome type countries across the globe that now worship the invented godly figures of those who brutalised, thieved and erased their ancestors from existence. No example need be given, however, just for the historically myopic: South America, North America, India, Australia, Africa. All continents that were exploited and butchered in the name of God (just a pretext of course, really for wealth).

So this is the story of God. It’s a powerful story, written in the Bible, by some primitive Middle Eastern people, that sets out moral rules, oppresses women, explains the Universe in primitive ways, provides rituals to mark the stages of life, welds communities together, consoles people against the horror of mortality.

In primitive ages when human would be vulnerable in front of nature, possessing dwindling numbers and not being the most physically imposing being around by any stretch; a subpar hunter that mostly scavenged the carcasses left behind by other more impressive hunters…(lions pushed into extinction from the wide European area not because they were hunted by sapiens, but because they were outcompeted for prey and territory)…in those prehistoric times, to hunters and gatherers, to primitive people who barely had invented a language and had no explanation for anything… religion was as brilliant an invention as science is to us. They used it to organise themselves and offer meaning to the cold unfriendly universe; to motivate submission in its members through invoking submission to imaginary android entity — that was then used by their human superiors in organisational cells for political and economical purposes. You can debate it was good or evil and it most definitely killed a lot of people and oppressed many, especially females, but it served the purpose of the species; it guided them here.

Why didn’t more fun religions guide us here? The Greeks had a guy called Dionysus, a god of fun, parties, exuberance, creation, altered states. He didn’t write the Bible. His traits evolved into the demonised Satan: like Pan, who he is related to, a god of nature; became the bad guy because he epitomised fun, sexuality, inspiration, questioning, creation — things which a religion of the magnitude of Christianity had no use for.

And this presentation will explain why. And why it has become so great, actually malignant.


The teaching of religion in the West still isn’t done very scientifically.

Still pervasive religious fanaticism and what’s worse, fanatic atheism. The former misunderstands what’s good about religion and the latter misunderstands it either. It’s not as worthless as Dawkins would have you believe. We still don’t have clarity on our origins etc.

In Romania, 100 years ago, a humongously erudite scholar set the foundations of the history of religions. His name was Mircea Eliade. He started cataloguing religion and discussing it philosophically, ethnographically.

“According to Eliade, man had a nostalgia (longing) for an otherworldly perfection. Archaic man wishes to escape the terror of time and saw time as cyclic. Historical religions like Christianity and Judaism revolted against this older concept of cyclic time. They provided meaning and contact with the sacred in history through the god of Israel.”

It has been accepted that Eliade’s explanation was just: the difference between pre Abrahamic religions and the great monotheistic triad is historicity. Polytheistic societies, primitive, animist, pantheist religions before or at the dawn of history, seem, from what we can piece together about them through archeology, to have been less historical, less invested in the now. Longing for a lost paradise. Eternal return was sought. More about fantasy realms and less about going out to slaughter other nations for resources and unifying others under the same God. Not even the Romans wanted to impose their beautiful fun gods on conquered nations. They just wanted their gold and women.

What sets Christianity and the other two aside is unity, historicity. It’s no secret they drove the success of our civilization. Now, I am very inclined to debate and question the real progress of our civilisation in the West that absorbed and cannibalistically exploited the rest of the globe; however its power and efficiency is undisputable. It reigns supreme, militaristically.

Many scholars and analysts are liable to assign this success to the values of kindness etc. that christianity inspired. Or the warring spirit that paradoxically accompanied it large scale.

I highly doubt that those are not just side effects. Many religions promote values of kindness. Kindness also doesn’t drive empires.

It’s more about the quality of the driving story and what it represents for the evolution of the human race. And its propagandistic potential. Unbeknownst to people, the story of the Bible was so emblematic because it was the story of agriculture. Agriculture was the twisting point in the past of homo sapiens: from equal to animals, he becomes superior creature. Not necessarily happier, but more powerful. OR AT LEAST THE SPECIES DOES…

When Sapiens set off from the jungle, the thing that gave them the upper hand over the rest of the animal kingdom they initially belonged to, was a series of revolutions. First was obviously the cognitive revolution that turned monkey into thinking person. This was way into the night of the prehistoric age: 70,000 years ago. Many, many thousands of years had to pass on an unchanging earth until the discovery of domesticating wheat in the Middle East triggered the start of conscious history 12,000 years ago.

Agriculture offered abundant food and allowed the prosperity of towns/cities. Humans domesticated wheat; and wheat domesticated people. It was like a first stage in the enslavement of the species through comfort. Sapiens gained plentiness and an identity and historicity of knowing their ancestors’ burial ground and the time/capacity of passing down knowledge, … and lost liberties. It’s a process that has repeated and deepened with every subsequent revolution: like the industrial and the digital.

The flashy, blinding abundance we call “civilisation” created by these revolutions is such that they take humans’ mind away from how deeply domesticated they’ve become.

Now by the state, but back 12,000 years ago, it was religion.

Enter Yazidis and how they fit into this story.

The Garden of Eden in the Christian Bible:

The story of Eden echoes the Mesopotamian myth of a king, as a primordial man, who is placed in a divine garden to guard the tree of life.[6] In the Hebrew Bible, Adam and Eve are depicted as walking around the Garden of Eden naked due to their innocence.
The man was free to eat from any tree in the garden except the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. In chapter 3, the man and the woman were seduced by the serpent into eating the forbidden fruit, and they were expelled from the garden to prevent them from eating of the tree of life, and thus living forever.
In Jewish tradition, the Tree of Knowledge and the eating of its fruit represents the beginning of the mixture of good and evil together. Before that time, the two were separate, and evil had only a nebulous existence in potential.
In Christian theology, consuming the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil was the original sin committed by Adam and Eve that subsequently became known as the Fall of man in Genesis 2–3.
The Quran does not name this tree and it is always referred to as “the tree”. Muslims believe that when God created Adam and Eve, He told them that they could enjoy everything in the Garden but this tree, and so, Satan appeared to them and told them that the only reason God forbade them to eat from that tree is that they would become Angels or become immortals.
When they ate from this tree their nakedness appeared to them and they began to sew together, for their covering, leaves from the Garden. The Qur’an mentions the sin as being a ‘slip’, and after this ‘slip’ they were sent to the destination they were intended to be on, Earth. Consequently, they repented to God and asked for his forgiveness and were forgiven.


In these three religions, the garden of eden deals with themes of original sin, origin story of descent of man, immortality desires and good and evil — fundamental issues religions deal with. Interesting how those were intertwined to embed in worshippers a notion of the original sin as being rooted in the thirst for knowledge. This is not accidental. This is pivotal.

Now for the Yazidis:

The group consider themselves to be the chosen people of Melek Taus, the “Peacock Angel”, who they also know as Shaitan, or Satan. In Yazidi tradition, this special relationship began when Shaitan visited their ancestor Adam in the garden of Eden, bearing forbidden fruit.
The Yazidis are an ancient rural people from the plain of Mesopotamia, the cradle of civilisation. Almost forgotten archaeological layers of belief still poke through the surface here, old echoes that stretch religious absolutes held sacred by Muslims, Christians and Jews alike into weird, unsettling shapes.
The parallels between the Peacock Angel and the Satan we’re more familiar with can be baffling — Melek Taus is God’s most important angel, his commander-in-chief in this world, which was also his original role in the Abrahamic traditions. He’s also a fallen angel who rebelled against God and was subsequently cast into Hell; but in the Yazidi cosmology, after 40,000 years his tears quenched Hell’s flames and God forgave and reinstated him.
(Michael Smith)

Melek Taus is a semigod — demiurge. Part of a heptad of angels that represent God on Earth, he’s the highest up. He was ordered by God to bow to Adam: he refused. This was told to be a test of free will; in our tradition (but mostly Islam) this makes him Satan, evil. In Yazidi tradition this makes him free standing and proud. And superior. He is therefore worshipped. And this tells a lot of the relationship between good and evil to yazidis: to them, they are both elements that exist in the human mind. Thinking with one’s mind is encouraged. By contrast, in Christianity the primordial sin is thirst of knowledge and thinking and disobeying a jealous God as the supreme heresy. The former ideology encourages and breeds free individuals; the latter a mental slave farm. The yazidi position on free will has common notions with Zoroastrianism.

Melek Taus, the “Peacock Angel”

One of Melek Taus’ symbols is fire, and he can illuminate as well as burn. He’s responsible for granting mankind knowledge and free will, and in an intriguing twist on the familiar Garden of Eden story, he first initiates Adam with forbidden fruit: “[God] commanded Gabriel to escort Adam into Paradise, and to tell him that he could eat from all the trees, but not of wheat. Here Adam remained for a hundred years […] Melek Taus visited Adam and said, ‘Have you eaten of the grain?’ He answered, ‘No, God forbade me.’ Melek Taus replied and said, ‘Eat of the grain and all shall go better with thee.’”
“The Yazidis claim to be the world’s oldest nation, tracing the origin of their culture back to this covenant between Shaitan and Adam. Though this obviously has the ring of massive over-simplification and elaboration common to all origin myths, there’s a growing body of archaeological evidence that seems to suggest there’s an element of symbolic truth in it — that the Garden of Eden story shared by all the Middle Eastern religions might in fact be a faded folk memory of how human civilisation began in the first place, a memory connected to the Yazidis in a very special way; a memory that Judaism, and subsequently Christianity and Islam, inherited from them, distorting it in the process.”
Source (Michael Smith)

Yazidi fact sheet:

— brutalised by the ISIS, but even before then by the neighbouring religions for being devil worshippers, which considering the facts is hard to dispute.

— millions were killed; around 40,000 are thought to survive.

— believed to be Satan worshippers when to them, Shaitan/Satan/Melek Taus is a complex demiurgic angelic figure.

— currently victims of genocide. Women killed and raped and sold into slavery, by ISIS. Mass graves discovered with their remains. Pushed into extinction, the group that holds the secret to humanity’s real origin story. As it was before the triad of monotheisms perverted it for political reasons.


Isn’t it fascinating that the story of Melek Taus bringing wheat (agriculture; food) was perverted to signify the lure of knowledge and how evil knowledge is? The forbidden fruit? A true original political spin to keep people misinformed. This is the true origin of misinformation and propaganda.

In Yazidi mythology, their demigod is the good guy for standing up to God in the Garden of Eden test. He is rewarded for it. Lesson is, this group of people, while historically unsuccessful, hold the values of free thought and free will dear. The religion we grew up with, has embedded in its stories the values of obedience. Satan became satanic and banished to Hell because he disobeyed. It is actually why Christianity became successful. It says something about how humanity is ran; by itself. Mind control is the key; mind control of the masses is secured by stories, imagined realities; embedded in the mind through repetition, ritual, law. And they uphold those values that the elite find useful FOR THEM; not the populace. See, the sad reality of this is that for humanity to become successful as a species, it had to use ideologies that motivated and entrenched obedience in its mass. A large society and a successful empire needs hierarchy. And hierarchy needs instruments for mass obedience. That for us to thrive, we needed enslavement by ideological means; that religion is the template for mind control devices. And if not us, then civilisation owes enormously to it. And if the planet has become hell, the species has become the supreme peak of the food chain, and rules absolutely. It takes mass enslavement, mind control, for all this to happen. And this is a truth that hurts. And cuts deep. But needs to be acknowledged.

ARE WE FREE? NO. And it started in the Garden of Eden.


“Agriculture seems to have started around this area, too, around 10,000 years ago, when the megaliths were already 2,000 years old. Pigs were first domesticated in a place called Cayonu a few miles away. The wheat species first domesticated in ancient European and Asian agriculture all descended from a common ancestor: “einkorn” wheat, which just happens to be the very same indigenous species of these ancestral Yazidi heartlands. Which makes the small detail of Satan bringing Adam knowledge by introducing him to grain rather than apples in the Yazidi version of the Eden story suddenly seem very significant.” (Michael Smith)

Religious fanatics in the US have added up the years in the Bible to lead to an exact creation date… of 12,000 yrs BC.

Fascinating, isnt it. Corresponds with the advent of agriculture…

“So, the Yazidis are descended from the original inhabitants of the garden of Eden and worship a bird-god called Satan, who brought mankind out of the Stone Age with the forbidden fruit of agriculture, right? Who knows.”

The bearers of the truth about our foundation myths are currently dying. And contrary to what the press says here in the West, it is the US behind ISIS; and the Islamic extremism a consequence of US involvement in the area. So if we are to lay the blame for what’s going on of which Yazidi tragedy is but a fraction — it is with the evil empire. It always is the empire.

The reason christianity was more successful than other religions to illuminate the path of early humans from one revolution to another is the quality of the story. It was initially the story of agriculture and agriculture started History.

Until 12,000 yrs ago hunters and gatherers couldn’t develop an identity. They would wander, subject to natural pressures, spend all their lives on the road. No time for stories, identity of tribe forming, memory, etc. Discovering how to domesticate plants and animals for food tied them to land and allowed development of settlements and cities: an explosion. Religion took us from that chapter to the eve of the industrial revolution when it was no longer necessary as new forms of enslavement and mind control were invented: the modern state.


Dismantling historical lies is essential to fight current lies.

We are always lied to. Our culture started with religious texts. They quickly became lies. As soon as political leaders learnt how well folktales can be twisted into propaganda.

The Yazidis are an endangered species. They preserve the real Bible story / Old testament as it was before it was perverted by the elites in an effort to oppress people: tell them knowledge is bad; that it’s not about settling down with agriculture, but yearning to know being evil.

It’s genius to entrench in religious faith a story that tells them God punishes free will and thought and thirst for knowledge. As this tribe shows, it’s not what humans initially meant. That is — make no mistake, political mind control; and elites programming people not to inquire; not to ask to know; that is enforced lobotomy. That is spin. That is programming ignorance by means of religious habits and rituals. Playing with the mass subconscious. It is at the basis of our civilisation. The foundation stone. As soon as we started to write history as species, our beliefs, starting as good-meaning, were used against us. To demotivate knowledge and curiosity. To entrench obedience. It is more than 6,000 yr old propaganda shtick.

It’s funny how this intelligent species, having the gift of reason etc. — divinity itself if, like, we were to think with medieval concepts — IS NOT THAT VERY INTELLIGENT. Yet this story demonstrates even the most noble and true folk tales and origin myths, the most simple and honest human efforts to explain the universe and create a cosmology, are immediately turned into tools of oppression. We are the most intelligent species and the most enslaved one — by us. We don’t just enslave farm animals. We enslave each other. And it’s a deeply informational mind control.

They did the same to the New testament and Jesus: who had beautiful ideas and noble political thinking; and they made him the poster child of all that intercontinental butchery that lasted 500 years and still today.

Not long ago, I met a Kurdish Uber driver who fought in the mountains against Sadam Hussein; underneath capitalist grief, I identified great points he probably keeps to himself most often: “ religion doesn’t make people hate each other; religion is about love; it’s politicians who kill people for power and money and use religion as a pretext”. Keep your eyes open. Lies have always been around and the biggest one is a systemic lie at the foundation of our very culture.

This is to dispel a few important contemporary errors. Religion gets a bad rep among “intellectuals” nowadays. See that Dawkins guy. Jesus is universal scapegoat. See what evil Islam is supposed to have caused in the Middle East. I’m telling you what they did to the religious texts is more heinous and unfair than what they did to Jesus on that cross.


The nice moral folk tales of the Bible are now discarded as evil but here’s some capitalist mantras that ruined the world but make us world leaders rich: here, believe in this. They use the same recourse to religious magical thinking that people have always been duped by.

Don’t let yourselves duped by what they tell you. Things are not what they seem: the understanding of real history, which is not taught in schools, can — perhaps not liberate you, yet — but keep your thought unblemished. And free from propaganda. It really does start in the mind.

The state never is influenced by religion… it USES religion to influence dimwits who fall for that crap. The state is smarter than that. Also, the Middle East is not a mess because religion… it’s a mess because OIL but the state brings back this justification so that we stand behind the wars… and hate “them”. Religion is mostly used as a con by clever people. That is absolutely not to say the initial thoughts of religious leaders weren’t inspired and philosophical…because they were…but they were quickly warped into mercantile dogma for the masses, and the spirit forgotten…