PC vs Laptop

A couple days ago, my friend Michael told me that his mom just bought a PC for him. He was really happy, but way over happy! He was bragging about it so much! For example, he kept on saying: “I have a PC and you don’t!” I replied to him that I don’t care and he should stop bragging.

The next day, I asked my mom, if I am ever going to get a PC. She said that I can get a PC for my own money, but not for hers, because she doesn’t see any reason to replace my laptop with a PC. Then I asked: “But isn’t a PC cooler than a chrome book?” (which I have). Then, my mom started a giant talk about differences between a laptop and PC. So after the talk I thought of the pros and cons of buying a PC. Here is what I figured.


  • bigger screen,
  • can be more powerful,
  • replacement of parts is easier.


  • can’t take with you — not mobile,
  • most of them have a big tower — needs more space,
  • also, it’s a really boring product that is mostly about business.Of course PC is also used for advanced gaming, but I don’t want to get addicted to games. And summarizing all that, I realized that a laptop IS better than a PC for me. So I continued living my life with a modern piece of technology: the chrome book!
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