Apple’s brilliant assault on advertising — and Google

Some of this is way too Apple fanboyish. Like telling poor people that they should treat themselves and splurge on an iPhone because it’s by far the best available smartphone out there. That’s simply no longer true. Android used to suck, but saying something like this just shows that you haven’t even picked up a flagship Android phone in years. They’ve not only caught up, but in many cases surpassed iPhones, both in terms of hardware & software. Material design is gorgeous.

And lest I be accused of being a Google / Android fanboy (a popular knee jerk reaction whenever anyone doesn’t worship at the altar of Apple), I say all that as someone who owns a Macbook, uses a Macbook at work & consumes tons of media on my iPad. I love Apple products. I’m just not a fanboy.

The truth is that there’s absolutely zero reason for an average consumer (or really anyone) to pay twice the price (or more) for an iPhone these days. To tell poor people that they should is just plain silly and tone deaf. I recommend watching some MKBHD reviews on Youtube. He’s probably the best tech gadget reviewer these days & what I like about him is that he doesn’t easily succumb to the hype & is objective.

Lastly, I think you greatly exaggerate the effects the new ad blocking features in iOS will have on Google’s bottom line. As you mentioned yourself Google makes a ton of money from people clicking on ads thinking they’re natural search results. Are those the people who are supposed to find how to turn on the ad blocking setting that isn’t turned on by default?

I’m a huge fan of your show & listen to it regularly. You are an amazing interviewer. I just think you sometimes get a little overexcited when you talk about Google because of the whole Mahalo thing which clouds your objectivity. Google invests in a lot of those moonshot projects not for the petty reasons you’ve stated, but out of Larry’s & Sergey’s sheer idealism. They truly want to make the world a better place for a lot of people. That’s something that should be celebrated. And if the billions they’ve earned through online advertising are the means to do that so be it.

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