Colours and cars

The colour of your car it is not just express your personal taste. Normally you choose a colour that is visible on the road and easy to maintain.

For many people, buying a car is a very important step. It is a big payout not only when you buy it because of the maintenance is one of the most important facts. In many cases it also becomes an essential piece to be able to move to your work place, and why not, it will be part of our personal image. This is one of the reasons why the colour of your new car is very important.

Once arrived at this point, not only one has to think about the own taste, but in future possibilities, as it could be a resale of the vehicle or simply the resistance to the dirt between one color or another.

Car manufacturers and dealers usually use the most demanded color of the car model to use in their advertising campaign.

If it is because of time or simply money, you cannot be cleaning every two or three days the car, the best option is to choose colored cars, silvery or white. The last one is the color that most hide the dirt, in contrast to the dark ones, which are more difficult to maintain that neat view of the car. Another advantage of white cars is that they heat less in summer as white makes it reflective in the sunlight. For these two reasons, white cars are the most demanded by car hire malaga.

Finally, if we get out of the usual colors, such as a metallized, its price increases till paying in some cases to 1,000–2,000 euros more.

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