The world of vehicles: A constant evolution

The cars are in a sector in constant evolution undergoing many modifications in a short time, although there is still a new revolution to come in the next years. Many changes are yet to come, and in this post we’ll discuss a few of them.

One of the keys to this engine revolution is based on alternative fuels. Climate change is pushing the industry to look for more sustainable alternatives for the environment. The electric car already exists although infrastructure is lacking especially for the refueling. As for the battery of these cars, they have increasingly more autonomy. Another factor that forces us to look for different and more sustainable forms of transport is overpopulation. The Terrafugia Transition (TF-X) was the first vehicle capable of becoming a light aircraft. In a medium time horizon there will be cars that fly and the cars of today will be far away. There are already some brands that have chosen to look for alternatives to be able to park. There are already cars that are capable of shrinking from 2.8 to 1.65 meters to take up less space.

Either way, we from Marbesol are excited for what future might hold. Car hire companies are often the first to incorporate the newest models from the major car brands, as they always try to offer a renewed fleet of vehicles. So, if you ever want to know how it feels like to drive along the coast, don’t hesitate and go to car hire Malaga Airport.