Many billionaires invests in options. You should too

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Almost every billionaire in the stock market buys and sells options…even Warren Buffett.

In fact, Buffett added an extra $7.5 million to his net worth in a few minutes using cash secured puts, a strategy I outlined in the article below.

Options are commonly seen as a complicated investment that has more risk than traditional stock investments.

Like any investment vehicle, there are ways to reduce risk and ways to take on an unnecessary amount of risk.

The two options you can choose from are calls and puts. Calls increase in value as the underlying stock’s price increases. …

Hit the first milestone sooner so you can focus on bigger goals

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About a month into my new YouTube channel, Beat The Market, I hit the first milestone make YouTubers aspire towards.

I got my 100th subscriber.

Once you reach the first milestone, you immediately start to think about the next one.

100 subscribers is one of the hardest milestones to reach because people don’t know who you are yet.

Once you hit 10,000 YouTube subscribers and continue to see further growth, 100,000 YouTube subscribers eventually becomes inevitable. It may take time to reach 100,000 YouTube subscribers, but YouTubers in this category reach it nevertheless.

That’s because the algorithm now knows who they are. …

An ironic title with a telling truth

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This isn’t your first productivity article. You’ve likely read several articles that detail a variety of “hacks” you can use to become more productive.

Many people tell you to wake up early, get in your daily exercise, and use the Pomodoro technique.

People will share productivity techniques that they heard from others or that have worked for them.

It’s easy to read through a bunch of productivity articles and feel like you’re missing a secret ingredient. …


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