Week In Review

By Tufan Nadjafi

Jaywalking Tickets

Los Angeles Police Department officers ticketed pedestrians who jaywalked near campus. This comes after a recent rise in injuries around the USC area, according to a police report. Police say students shouldn’t begin crossing the street after the red hand begins flashing. However, some students believe this is unfair. “I would be upset if I knew I could make it across before the countdown ended,” USC student Max Lawlor said. LAPD says it’s against the law and could lead to traffic accidents.

The Cost of Sexual Assault at USC

As a part of Neon Tommy’s “The Price of Sex” series, Nathaniel Haas addresses the problem of sexual assault on campus in his latest article, “The Cost of Sexual Assault at USC.” Haas uses figures from the recent Campus Climate survey, which reports that 23% of USC female undergraduates say they have experienced non-consensual touching and 14.5% say they have experienced non-consensual penetration. In response to the article, Kegan Allee, USC’s Interim Director of the Office of Equity and Diversity and Title IX Coordinator, says USC has already begun working to end this issue.“We launched a required training for all incoming freshman and graduate students on sexual assault, expanded bystander education, and are working to double the size of the Center for Women and Men.”

The Rising Cost of USC

The University Student Government met on Monday to discuss a proposal which aims to make tuition more affordable through a tuition freeze. They also hope to increase transparency and make sure student voices are being heard. The resolution uses data from a recent survey, which questioned about 2,000 students about their finances and their understanding of USC finances. The survey found that 76% of students knew someone who transferred out of USC or considered taking a leave of absence because of tuition costs. The USG senate plans to vote on the resolution on Tuesday, Nov. 10th.

Uber Driver Assaulted

Uber drivers across the country are considering installing cameras in their cars after footage of a passenger attacking an Uber driver was released. The video shows an allegedly intoxicated man punching the driver after a dispute over directions. The fight ended only after the Uber driver found his pepper spray and stopped the man. The driver is seeking more than $25,000 in damages, and the passenger, who was fired from his position at Taco Bell as a result of the video, faces up to a year in prison. Some USC students who work part-time as Uber drivers say they will continue to drive for the company, but also acknowledge that the ride-sharing service should take responsibility for the incident and make changes to ensure driver safety.

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