An Introduction for all Sentient Beings


My name is Marc St. Dennis. I have started this account as a means to share my thoughts on Dharma, which are the teachings of Buddha Shakyamuni. I am not an expert on Buddhism or Buddhist thought, nor will I ever claim to be so. I am writing equally for my own benefit as I am for the benefit of others. By thinking about and giving word to my contemplations of Dharma it is my sincere hope that I may improve my spiritual practice and develop the quality of wisdom for the benefit of all sentient beings. It would be my greatest honour if my writing can bring some peace and happiness to your life, or encourage you to explore Dharma on your own. I openly encourage your discussion and will happily respond to your comments.

I encountered Dharma for the first time approximately two years ago. At the time I was suffering from severe anxiety and I was searching for a method of relaxation. The thought struck me that I should try meditation. I did not know how to meditate, so I began looking into meditation classes in my area. Thanks in a large part to the kindness of my future sister-in-law, this is how I stumbled upon Joyful Land Kadampa Buddhist Centre in Ottawa, Canada. 
What began as a simple means of relaxation soon transformed, much to my surprise, into what I now recognize to be my spiritual path.

Since discovering Buddhism I have studied Dharma in every moment that I can spare. For myself, the appeal of Dharma goes beyond helping me develop and maintain a peaceful mind, grow healthy relationships, and learning to live a virtuous life for the benefit of others. Dharma also answers all of my metaphysical, epistemological, and ontological questions that arose during my undergraduate and graduate studies of philosophy. For myself, Dharma is a direct response to the discrepancies of “western” philosophy.

My predominate source of Dharma teachings comes from the publications of the venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso, founder of the New Kadampa Tradition. Through the clarity of his words and endless expanse of his wisdom I have learned many things about the Buddhist path.Yet I have only scratched the surface of Dharma. In recognition of this ignorance I do not claim to be affiliated with any particular Buddhist tradition and I am always eager to understand different perspectives.

Through the virtues I collect by contemplating, writing about, and discussing Dharma; may all sentient being everywhere be free from all suffering and have the opportunity to experience everlasting peace and happiness as a fully enlightened being.

Thanks for reading,


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