A sad story

One weeks earlier I received the request from one shareholder of Anke(www.3ayj.cn).She loyally told me if I agree,welcome to join the team.

OMG.But the sad story is on the way.

Why sad?

First of all ,all is lies .I am one full stack developer in mobile development and backend development .But she gave me one file named training agreement.

It’s a joke.Who can give me an advanced training as I am full stack .

When U wanna join one company ,you must bear the rules (sometimes you know it’s not reasonable ,but no way to break it down).

Five days later ,she told me “you can leave here “.She asked :”how to optimized the created product now?”How to improve the effectiveness of Product test?”

No way,I am never to be the team of your company,how to give you tips and tricks ?You never pay me wage (As I worked at here within five days).

I never care about the wage as your wage is not equal to my skill set.

Today you cheat me,soon or later your company will go bankrupt as you don’t know how to respect people.Shameful to know you !!!

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