The Marketplace Conference — Berlin Edition 2018

The Marketplace Conference European Edition in Berlin on November 28th 2018 — RSVP now!

In January this year we launched our new fund Market One Capital ( where ‘Marketplaces’ are our main investment focus. That’s why we decided to attend Marketplace Conference in San Francisco in march, organised by our friends from Speedinvest and Daniel Hoffer.

We loved the event. The level of marketplaces expertise, unique know-how, variety of speakers, valuable networking, great mix of founders and experienced investors decided about the success of the conference and superb attendees NPS-score (93;).

After this experience we knew right away that we would like take part as co-hosts of such an event in Europe, to gather whole marketplace community.

That’s why we teamed up with Speedinvest, Autotech Ventures and Point Nine Capital to organise European Marketplace Conference 2018 in Berlin on 28th of November 2018.

We would like to invite everyone being active in marketplace category. It’s an unique opportunity to listen to great speeches, panels, exchange experience and network with top marketplace founders, executives and venture capital funds. Building the Conference agenda we planned to touch most of crucial ‘marketplace’ business aspects. There is a high probability that level of content and expertise will help everyone to finally solve fundamental chicked-egg issue:)))

Get you tickets here!

Disclaimer: We consider ticket prices a contribution to the cost of the event. We have no intention to make any money on the conference itself but want to ensure a great experience for all participants.