CS2006 Individual Curation — Homosexuality/homophobia

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The two middle-aged men are holding hands, a symbolic sign of love and unity. However, the man in the contrasting white tank-top is ashamed of showing his face and is covering it with a picture of a woman who has a superficial smile on her face — an indexical sign that the man in white is trying to fit with society’s expectations. Through its ridiculousness, this image gets people to think about the ways homosexuals have to behave to prevent discrimination. For those hiding their homosexuality, it may cause them to rethink the adversities (that they have come to accept as normal) they had to continually go through to disguise their sexuality. It empowers them with the notion that there is no need for hiding. People are also given an insight into the lengths some homosexuals go to to hide their ‘real’ self and are encouraged to be more mindful of the discrimination homosexuals face.

For our project, we want to showcase how homosexuals in Singapore are viewed differently from others even when doing the same, mundane things. As with the above image, by focusing and pointing out this ridiculousness, we want viewers to rethink their prejudices and realise their irrationality.

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URL: http://newnownext.mtvnimages.com/2014/06/allstate-1.jpg

The hand-holding gesture, a symbolic gesture of love and unity, is in the center (and is the focus) of this image. By showing two men holding hands, confidently walking down the street, the men exude a sense of strength. This is further reinforced by the interposed text which has some letters being in front and behind the men. Their hand-holding is not obstructed by the letters as the letters appear behind, giving their hands a sense of depth and presents the idea of ‘coming out’. Attention is also given to the woman in purple, the only person who is facing the viewer. Shown being nonchalant in the presence of the two men, viewers assume that she does not have a problem and that it perfectly normal.

The message that this image portrays is congruent with our project message. Similarly, hand-holding will be displayed in our images because its meaning is universally understood. We want to empower homosexuals and encourage them to be more confident about their sexuality. Furthermore, as represented by the woman in this image, society should not treat homosexuals as ‘different’. We want people to be more accepting and to understand that there is nothing wrong about homosexuality.

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