What you missed on the second round of NBA playoffs

After the initial round, let’s see what you could have miss about the second round of NBA playoffs, but you really cannot ignore. You thought to already know everything about Cavaliers and Warriors sweep and you analyzed so well the more fought series between Celtics vs Wizards and Spurs vs Rockets… well, let’s see what you got!


Golden State Warriors vs. Utah Jazz

If we have to choose an imagine as a description of the Warriors domination of the Jazz on the whole series, nothing would fit better than Chef Curry attacking with his relentlessly ball handling the unlucky defensive anchor Rudy Gobert:

Better stage for the french should be the dancefloor…

… but we don’t really know its club!

The battle between the two teams is particularly felt by the dancing bear Green, that was eliminated in 2010, during his universitary career, from the national championship because of a foul committed on the game-deciding play by Hayward, currently playing in Utah, not sanctioned by the referees:

Draymond still holds grudge and feuded with the whole Jazz fanbase:

Però alla fine un autografo sul contatore delle sue simulazioni lo firma!

Shooting 43,5% from 3-point line during the series, also scoring a triple double during game 4, the sweep given from Warriors to the sorry mormons gave him the last word:

For the Jazz fans the only option left, let alone giving the proper respect to their beloved team for a really good season, it’s asking louder thay can to Hayward himself to sign again for Utah in his free agency summer, to try another shot next year together:

Back to the Bay, press speculations about the “boring” domination until now during those playoffs are really annoying to Green and Kevin Durant:

And there starts the first little jabs to the Cleveland Cavaliers, thinking about a final between them that seems so inevitabile until now:

San Antonio Spurs vs. Houston Rockets

Talking again about dancers: you would never said that, but Rudolf Nureyev and Fred Astaire DNA has been transplanted into James Harden body.

It cannot go other ways: the Beard this season gave new life to all Rockets fans.

Maybe someone had too much:

Sometimes not even the larger-than-life Kawhi Leonard seemed able to surpass his Rockets:

But in pivotal game 5 opposition to the left-handend James Harden is found into another great left-handed, Manu Ginobili, in the singular best play of the entire round:

Our second dancer in this round crosses his path with the same soundtrack:

Manu’s horizons, instead, in one of the last great moments of his extraordinary career, become endless; he can now be able to stop former president Obama…

dominate the world…

… and even block the greatest of all time.

Harden got so shocked from the episode that he basically did not show in game 6, helping the nemesis Spurs to score a win that decided the series with an impressive lead of 39 points; so it’s time to update the MVP prize that Harden is running for, from the beginning of the season:

Anyway, time flies, even Tim Duncan goes by, but on top of Western Conference you’ll continue to find coach Popovich:


Boston Celtics vs. Washington Wizards

Differently from Monaco of his long lost twin Mbappe, the Boston Celtics of Isaiah Thomas made the next round:

It really wasn’t a piece of cake; as the last series, in fact, the Wizards tried to get to the nerves of the opponent: starting from the leader John Wall…

Be honest: do you believe John when he said he was talking to Otto Porter, commonly called “O”?

But the most original was Brandon Jennings, who decided to stop Rozier from wearing the shoe that he lost during the game:

Answering them, in game 6, with the series 3–2 for the Celtics, they showed all suited in black calling a funeral to the Wizards. Washington anyway came victorious, with a 3-point game winning shot by John Wall…

And after the jump on the scoring table to celebrate, discovered by his partner in crime Bradley Beal only during the press conference…

he did not have kind words for the green team:

Into the fierce battle between the two teams Thomas himself lost a tooth along the way. The opening of his personal account on twitter is automatic: hey, we’re not talking of the Celtics star, but of the tooth himself!

The tooth soon paid homage to the talent of his owner, calling him the MVP:

In questo caso, invece di Most Valuable Player, l’acronimo MVP assume un altro significato

They had such a good chemistry together, that none of them is skipping practice alone:

So, they are really missing each other: how cute!

Natural consequence for such an indipendent protagonist is his dedicated t-shirt:

Lo dicevano della verità che the truth can’t be handled, ma la definizione va aggiornata: “Non puoi fronteggiare il dente!”

His energy can be matched only by Oubre that got so electric during stretching warmup of game 6:

But the best one on the series to fly away isn’t the tooth; the honour is all of Bradley Beal, with his Oscar-worth performance:

Even repeated in game 7:

So, can we really avoid to put another protagonist into our beloved song?

Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Toronto Raptors

The competition is so dominated by the Cavaliers that King Lebron could decide to take a beer during the match…

…or to give advices about the shoes of people in front rows witnessing his performances:

The only thing that can scare him is the mysterious presence, with that outfit, of JR Smith looking his press conference so hidden…

The same JR Smith saying that when he’s not playing, he’s not watching playoffs on tv: his only interest is the Golf Channel.

So, with a bizarre one like him, better team up than be enemies: about dressing (this topic pops naturally up in a conversation including JR), Smith & Lebron themselves did not allow poor Channing Frye to give interview with naked torso because… well… who do he think he is, a rockstar?