Daily Kickoff — Wednesday, October 21, 2015

October 21, 2015 . . . 30 years ago, the classic movie Back to the Future presented us with a vision of the future. Flying cars, weird clothes . . . there were a few things about 2015 they didn’t get right. Nor did they expect our politics to look more like 1988.

That’s the message of a new video the campaign is releasing today, the day listed on the DeLorean’s dashboard. Check it out:

Quote of the Day

“Conservatism is not about leaving people behind. . . . It’s about empowering people to catch up.” — @marcorubio #DailyKickoff

Picture of the Day

Over 400 supporters came out to greet Marco in Utah on Monday night!

Marco in the Media

Local news coverage of Marco’s huge rally in Utah:

New on Marcorubio.com

More 31 days of policy: How Marco will finally get Washington spending under control. http://rub.io/s7nEaW

Recapping Marco’s trip to Utah: http://rub.io/tCrdDn

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For too long, spending in Washington has been out of control. I support Marco Rubio because he is working to change this! http://rub.io/s7nEaW (Share on Facebook)

Our nation is forever indebted to the men and women of our armed forces. They deserve access to world-class health care when they come home. Marco Rubio is working to ensure that they do: http://rub.io/bD5NME (Share on Facebook)

Want to watch the next GOP Debate in person? Sign up here and join Marco Rubio in Colorado next week: http://rub.io/6cBVem (Share on Facebook)

Today’s the last day to enter our Colorado debate contest. Click here to enter by donating $10 or more.

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