Marco Rubio’s Daily Kickoff — Friday, November 6, 2015

Yesterday, Marco was in New Hampshire, where he gave a big speech introducing a plan to rebuild our military and officially filed to be on the ballot!

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Quote of the Day

“As president, I will never send our troops into a fair fight; instead I will always equip them with the upper hand.” — @marcorubio

Picture of the Day

Marco talking with a few voters on the trail in New Hampshire.

Marco in the Media

Read Marco’s speech laying out his defense plan:

The Washington Examiner: Marco warns of Clinton “sequel” to Obama’s foreign policy:

Senator Jim Risch joined Team Marco on Wednesday. Watch some local news coverage of this exciting addition:

New on

Marco’s seriously detailed plan to rebuild our military:

Reforming health care for the 21st Century:

How Marco will stand up for gun owners:

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It’s time for us to have a President in the White House who respects the right of every American to keep and bear arms! I’m proud of Marco Rubio for standing for the Second Amendment: (Share on Facebook)

Obamacare is a disaster that must be repealed and replaced! Marco Rubio has a vision to modernize our health care system and help millions of Americans: (Share on Facebook)

We cannot wait any more, it’s time to rebuild and retool our military. See Marco Rubio’s plan here: (Share on Facebook)

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