Using Dokku for rails applications on a Linode Server.
Rodrigo Ulisses e Silva

Thanks for your tutorial, which by the way is also referenced by Linode support. Considering that a Linode is created straight after sign up, and that at that time I would choose to install Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, I wonder if points 1 to 4 in section “Configure your VPS on a Linode server” are still necessary. Also, shall we take for granted that the commands you are suggesting to run at point 5 of the same section are those showed in the code block straight after point 6 (so that they should be run **before** installing Grub)? Lastly, in point 6 you say: “When prompted, install Grub into the first hard drive”. Are we prompted to install Grub by the `apt-get install` command or by what? Although your article is recent, there have been some changes since you published it, such as Dokku’s version and the move by Linode from Ubuntu 14.04 to 16.04: would you say that the tutorial, apart from these details, is still adequate and up to date?

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