Instagram Is Facebook’s Secret Weapon, and It Can Be Yours as Well — Here’s How
Dakota Shane

I like about Instagram that it is one of the rare platforms, I actually use very frequently as a user, not just as a creater. E.g. I love Medium for the great template they provide for authors and I enjoy writing, but I do not read as many Medium-Articles as Medium wants me to ;) and maybe as I should. That is because I prefer “physical” books, where I am able to highlight and make (sometimes) “non-sense” comments next to a paragraph just for myself and for me to understand it better.

However, especially with Instagrams Stories and the visual design, I enjoy getting some kind of insight in my acquaintences’ lives and what they are up to. Besides using it as a “creator”, too.

What was hard for me on Instagram was the typical Call-to-Action or to get people from an engagement (/Like) to an click or read on my article. In my first campaign, I spent 15€ and got > 2.000 Likes, but … ~5 views … → Next time, I will have to make the Call-to-Action more obvious. Anyhow, I do not like to use those kind of eye-catching headlines, making more promises than what´s actually case. — Few of the “life-changing” articles, actually changed my life… (And I still like it^^)

Long respons. Sorry. In short: Can you recommend some articles (of yours or someone else) about “Instagram-Medium-Article-Call-to-Actions”? And some articles about some “best practices” for headlines, which will be attractive in a way, but I still feel comfortable with using?

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