Lottie in UWP, NuGetizer-3000 and GradientBoxView #XamarinForms

Monday, 4th
I finally could spend some time on UWP for Lottie. Had to reinstall my whole Windows 10 + VS 2017 from scratch as latest UWP SDK works with latest VS only (it saved also some extra space in my SSD which’s good too). Martijn’s already approved the latest changes so expect to have it merged soon :-)

Photo by Kirstyn Paynter on Unsplash

I’m in the process of publishing our “DNAGradientBoxView” NuGets, and have learned about NuGetizer 3000, an easy way to create NuGets directly from VS. To be honest it’s my first time creating packages, and am struggling a little bit, but expect to have this all sorted out soon. Am currently trying the bait-and-switch technique, which adds platform-specific code by just referencing a NuGet from the PCL project.

Tuesday, 5th

I keep struggling with NuGet packaging –am focused on doing this with the IDE. After recreating the solution n + 1 times I’ve received again the same error, which seems half-fixed from their side:

It looks like Bait and Switch can’t be done from VS, so will go back to nuspec files and Terminal 🤷🏻‍♂️

Wednesday, 6th
Bank holiday!

Thursday, 7th
Bank holiday too, but have spent some time updating my web and Now page.

I’ve kept with my determination to make NuGetizer-3000 work for my little project, and decided to clone ApiIntersect repo to debug the exception I got. Going through the code I’ve finally understood why Bait-and-switch doesn’t work in my scenario: it can’t work when the platform implementation inherits a class which’s out of the intersection with a .NET client profile. However, ApiIntersect wasn’t handling this fine –at least giving a hint on the issue–, so I’ll make a PR to improve this for others.

And, finally, I published GradientBoxView! –also in GitHub:

Friday, 8th
Bank holiday!