M for Malta. I would like to say special thanks to Prime Minister Joseph Muscat for welcoming us to Malta and to Mr. Silvio Schembri for making it happen. I believe crypto prices would certainly be lower if it weren’t for these gentlemen (and others). To show our appreciation, many key players in the blockchain industry came together and are all committed to establish/invest in Malta. Let’s grow the blockchain island here in Malta. I also had the privilege of visiting a few other countries to discuss blockchain developments. We will continue our efforts in helping forward-thinking governments help us.
Binance Q3 Recap

It’s great to know you are involved in the development of Malta as the perfect cryptocurrencies/Blockchain land. BTW, are you still hiring in the country? It would be awesome to be part of this journey at Binance in the country. Let me know if you are actively looking for a Data-Driven PM. I’m not actively looking for a job because I co-founded Capital Latino with one mission:

To help to every Hispanic person to become in a more intelligent investor

And a key part of this mission is related to cryptocurrencies investing. So, being part of the Binance’s crew could be a key step to support our mission at Capital Latino.

If you are still looking for new people for the team, please contact me at Telegram or Signal: @marcosluis2186 I’m all ears.