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I applaud your very idealistic view of city government! If only real life and real governments were like that. Still, point taken. If Medium is to succeed as a community it will take more than transparency: it will require stakeholder input. How to do this is a tough nut to crack for a for-profit company.

I’ve recently disengaged from a community that billed itself as a benign dictatorship because it turns out that it’s not really that benign. When I started out on it, it was fantastic. The levels of intelligence, wisdom, expertise (and I am sure many other D&D stats) were phenomenal. The Be Nice, Be Respectful policy regulated flame wars to simmers and cut down on trolls.

However, the company management really didn’t understand community building and maintenance. Community Relations was understaffed, relying on bots that weren’t ready for prime time (the company is really big on Machine Learning). The CR manager broke rules laid down on the community with apparently no repercussions (although he might have apologized after left, for all I know).

Really, the users creating content for this other site are treated worse than product. They are treated as commodities.

Anyway, enough said. I’m just watching Medium with a very critical eye as I wade in to the pool. I like what I’m seeing, but I don’t want to be let down yet again.

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