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I can’t stop.

1) Pretend you can hear the music. Nod your head in time to the imagined beat. Don’t acknowledge that you have seen her. Suggestion: Shake It Off by Taylor Swift.

2) Waggle your shoulders and hips sensuously to the music you are pretending to hear.

3) Bust a few moves.

By now you should have gotten her attention.

4) Notice her staring at you slack jawed with an ostentatious double take.

5) Walk up to her while wiggling your hips and shoulders (shimmy shimmy shake).

6) If she is seated at a table, sit next to her. In any case, get your face about 6-inches from hers.

7) Shout at the top of your lungs directly into her face, “IT’S TOO LOUD HERE!! LET’S GO SOMEWHERE WE CAN TALK!!”

Note: Hopefully you still have the number of a bail bondsman from the last lesson. You will want to keep this handy.

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