In a white supremacist society, white supremacists actually believe that saying “I didn’t mean to shoot the n*gg*r with his hands up; I meant to shoot the sp*c with autism holding a toy truck” should make us feel better about their policing strategies and absolve them of the charge of racism.
Leopold’s Children
Son of Baldwin

It’s completely legitimate to question this police shooting for underlying racism, but it’s not legitimate to put an unidentified paraphrase in quotation marks like this. You undermine your own case, nor is it even needed given the egregiousness of this shooting.

I appreciate that you need to get the link to the story in the first paragraph, but the way you did it suggests that you are pulling an actual quote from the story, rather than suggesting what a racist might say to deflect charges of racism (which is what I think you were trying to do).

I’m familiar with the story (having read multiple accounts) and I am sympathetic to your position. Someone who is not familiar with the story might think you are intentionally misquoting.