Dear People Who Write Self-Help Guides & Life Hacks
Lauren Modery

The other thing is that it all gets to be so boring and it clogs my feeds. Maybe another letter to people that recommend these stories is in order.

Dear people recommending self-improvement stories

Please stop. Or please limit it to one or two a week. Look, I like something you wrote, otherwise I wouldn’t be following you. But all these self improvement (especially business oriented) articles are killing my feed.

I don’t hate all such articles! Once in a while, I read something interesting, like Jason Fried’s recent article on the benefits he offers employs. (Incidentally, that was good because he didn’t preach or make recommendations. He merely stated what benefits his company offers and the rationale.)

Look, when you recommend something, you are curating. Please curate better, person I follow and everyone else.

Thank you!

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