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Want Your Children to Survive The Future? Send Them to Art School
Dustin Timbrook

This comment is on the following photograph (apparently only words can be highlighted on Medium and not images).

When I took some painting courses in college, we learned to stretch our own canvas over frames we had built, then gesso the canvas. The painting instructor felt it was important that we know how to create our raw materials, so we also learned to make our own paints from pigments and egg whites. Iirc, we didn’t learn to make our own pigments.

But anyway, I soon found more satisfaction in constructing my own canvases, then gessoing the raw canvas with three coats, sanding between each coat to achieve a certain tooth that I liked. I ended up turning in blank canvases for the final project. I didn’t receive a high grade because the instructor felt the idea was too conceptual and a bit trite, but he did give me credit for my attention to detail and my discovery process (he had noticed the work I put into creating the surfaces). The comment I remember from the final crit was that I seemed more inclined to being a craftsman than an artist. I was and still am OK with that comment.

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