Deep Play: I was danced tonight to moonlight

My habit on getting home from work is to put on music. Music helps me find my way back into the sanctuary of my home. I had meditated for a time, the sun had set and the moon was high above the clouds. Only a few lights were on in the house. I went to my playlist, enticingly called ‘Joy’, and opened it to a piece by the 2 Cellos suitably called ‘I will wait’. It starts on a high! I felt my blood jump and then my wife rushed into the house and taking my hand pulled me out into the dark moon lit garden and said ‘Dance!’

This is true — not a romantic story — so we danced to the thrum of the music under the moonlit sky, between the shadows and over the grass. Small bats flickered past our heads, we wove and shimmered a wonderful pattern. I felt I was being danced. It is this feeling of abandon I think we miss in our modern world. This feeling of giving up the pretence of control. I was being danced — letting my cells take up the rhythm, the kind of thing Cynthia Winton-Henry is on about when she states: “The dancing universe is literally in us”. My wife too was being danced, we were being danced together, and I could feel the trees leaning into the dance, the grass beneath my feet supporting me, responding and those micro bats, and the insects with their pulsing whir, all dancing. The clouds too scrawling across the sky. As the music ended my wife and I just hung together in the shadows feeling the ebb of the chords and the simple pleasure of breathing in the night and breathing out an unabashed joyousness.

Dancing is life, it is the energy of it

Body knowing, taking a form, liquid

Visceral, holding Past and Future in the moment

The surrender to a physicality Graced with Presence

So that was my evening soul dance and I welcomed it. It got me thinking about the instinct to dance and play. It got me thinking about my InterPlay practice which frames what it is I love to do. I love to play and dance and dream, and to share this with others. I look for excuses to share. So I am sharing Deep Play with my friends Dr Jose Ramos and Mahesh Kandasamy on April 8 in the countryside of Castlemaine Victoria. This will be an opportunity for us to deep play in embodied ways around our common futures. For me it is clear that we all too often ignore the yearnings of our hearts. When the spirit calls I think we must answer, and surrender to that urge to dance — we must allow ourselves to be danced; to be played like the living instruments we are.

My vision is to dance-in the future, all of its possibilities dancing around me, with me, and through me; dancing with others, futures of hope and solidarity, that dance against the march of the modern drum, so distant from the tribal pulses that earlier less obedient drumming supplied.

Dance out routine, dance in play

Move to the inner quadrille, the playful tumble

A syncopation that upends the regular

Breeches the barriers between hearts

Opens up futures, mysterious yet agile

Deep playfulness will arise at such times and from there we can find richer, fuller pathways to futures deemed impractical, childish, fantastical. Yet, I wonder, aren’t we living today the most fantastical of lives? Lives beyond the dreams of earlier generations. We have danced beyond so many limitations only to find the real limits lie within our own minds and hearts. Now we must dance towards that personal and cultural horizons that mark the limits to what we can see, and even imagine; the dancing is what matters, the grace of great things hangs in that dance. Can you feel it too?