My apology letter to every highschool nerd turned VC

(But who’s really sorry)

Hey buddy, I’m sorry for walking by you everyday with my friends at lunch. (Btw I don’t hang out with them anymore)

do you remember that time you lent me a pencil….(awkward silence) well thanks for that. Without your pencil I couldn’t have written a letter to a girl I do not remember while you were paying attention in algebra.

I’m also sorry for not telling you about all those parties I went to while you spent your weekends at home teaching yourself how to code.

I know you were pissed that I tried to copy off of you during finals week after you spent all weekend studying. But I thought this was my lucky weekend with Morgan so I couldn’t find the time🙄 I hope you can forgive me.

Also I’m so sorry that I didn’t pick you on my dodgeball team in gym class, but I really wanted to win and you weren’t the best at dodgeball if you know what I mean.

I’m also really sorry I didn’t stand up for you in the locker room when those kids were pushing you around.

I just wanted to congratulate you on all your success. Do you think you can Take a minute and check out my deck my company is raising a seed round and we would love to have you involved.