First iPhone Experience

I’ve always been an Android user, but decided to give the iPhone a shot. First impressions are that the hardware design and manufacturing is absolutely beautiful. There is an element of quality and luxury when interacting with the product.

The most surprising aspect is how much I love TouchID. Nope, my last Samsung didn’t have their version of TouchID. Its an incredibly convenient and secure way to use my phone, log into the App Store, etc.

But overall I really miss Android. Google Now is one of the best products I’ve used, and Siri just doesn’t compete. I guess I became programmed to use the reminders and loved the notification cards regarding traffic, and the ability to tell me exactly when I need to leave in order to arrive at a meeting on time. Even though I have some concerns about how Google is collecting and using my data, their ability to predict what I need created many “wow” moments — all for the better.

I’m not a huge app guy, so the iOS platform isn’t much of a differentiator for how I use my phone. The calendar sync is a bit better but the contact book is fairly sloppy. Having more control to “tinker” with the OS was something I enjoyed.

So I ponder why exactly is the iPhone so damn popular? It’s a great product, but Nexus/Galaxy are superior products. Is is marketing? Or am I an outlier in how I use my phone (less for entertainment and more for business)? I don’t know, but I’m a bit disappointed in my purchase.

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