Monthly Song Challenge: “Here With You”

I’ve committed to posting songs once a month in 2016. For May I’m sharing “Here With You.” Like most of my posts, this is a rough demo and from a quick write:

In January this simple chorus got stuck in my head. Just a simple idea of gratitude for my wife and daughter, that with them I felt like everything was just better. This week I thought I’d start with that simple chorus and build around it.

Sometimes I write in a very intentional way, making sure each section of the song is carefully is charted out. This song was more of a stream-of-consciousness-adlib. I sang through a simple melody a few times, and then hit “record” and the resulting recording is what happened.

I like the slow build from the first verse and chorus into the bridge that says,

“Let the ocean take your tears, the wind cast out your fears, let the flames come and consume those burdens you bear…”

It’s a song about dedication, standing with someone through the questions, knowing you aren’t alone. That’s the big hope I hold onto. I think that’s the best hope anyone can have, to know “You are not alone.”

Thanks for listening.

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