3 Biggest Mobile Ad Tracking Pitfalls Explained & How to Avoid them

This is great for when you get a click. Therein lies the biggest issue, making sure the ad is relevant so the user’s propensity to click is as high a possible.

We are finding over 80% of content on a mobile is viewed in-app, not a browser. So targeting the right ad to the right person in an app is very tricky as there is little data out there to facilitate the profiling. Historically, you had to “spray and Pray” to try and get a click at reasonable ROI. So you had to buy cheap ad space so your brand ended up in God knows what content.

We use Adapptive.eu to target signed in users in premium publishers. Cookies just don’t cut it for targeting ads anymore, the audience is all in app.

Throw in GDPR compliance next year and cookies are toast anyway.