Protests Feed What They Oppose
Joe Brewer

The thesis of this post is intriguing but false. The Mr. Brewer does not provide smidgen of evidence to back up his counterfactual theory. In fact his premise (that protests feed what they oppose) runs counter to the historical results from protest movements. Were the stalwarts of the civil rights movement only opposed to oppression and inequality? Of course not. Did the environmental protests around clearcuts, Love Canal and other ecological calamities feed what they opposed? Of course not. These protests made it clear that racial, environmental and social justice are intrinsic values shared by a broad swath of the electorate.

The duality of past protests movements (opposed to one idea and in support of another) is alive in the current anti-Trump movements. To portray them as simply opposed to kleptocracy, oligarchy, croneyism or anti-science is blithely miss their insistence on accountability, democracy, equality, justice and science-based policy.

The point is this; these movements are about building a new democracy. It begins with protest and ends with a shift in political power. While permaculture, renewable energy and ecological restoration are great and worth things, they won’t change the balance of power.

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