Reflecting on what’s important in life

there were some hecklers damning us for “choosing video games over God”. regardless of my religion, this is pretty heavenly to me tho

“It’s easy to tell when you’re frustrated.”



“Mid Autumn Festival reminds us to look up to the sky. Gaze at the moon. Appreciate the beauty of life and nature.” — my 10th grade English teacher, heavily paraphrased by my bad memory

A story about Direct Experience through my first solo rave.

consider this my submission to /r/AccidentalRenaissance

turns out it’s hard to find free stock images of Mahjong. who would’ve thought

Observations on developing side projects and well-written data science notebooks

definitely not me and my data (photo by Lukas from Pexels)

“In our modern world that is increasingly connected, there are so many different people [and things] vying for your attention, and it’s really really hard to carve out any time to just go out without a specific purpose to different areas. That’s viewed in a lot of circles as being lazy, as careless . . . but perhaps that’s where the real action is, where the adventure starts.” — Chad Grills

“I liked the part where you talked about how having a car enables you to be wherever for whoever. It’s a sweet lesson.” — Catherine Chang, re: my previous Lessons Learned

I really wanted to see a priceless reaction on this kid’s face. Instead, he just calmly gets super in the zone and actually drives quite well. I’m watching out for this kid in NASCAR in 15 years.

Marcus Lee

I'm a semi-international software engineer, gamer, streamer, traveler, foodie, and music festival headliner. Crafting my writing and presentation skills.

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