A Waste not to talk about Waste

This post will be periodically updated. TL:DR — Just watch the videos.

We talk about world hunger and poverty, it is important, and it makes us look good while we’re at it, we can be such narcissists. Fortunately, we do something about it. And when you do, the concern of wastage in our modern society can be disturbing. All of this waste, it could have saved lives!

Food, glorious food

We talk about food. We take pictures of food. We blog about food. We geek out about food. At least I know I do.

Do we: talk about food wastage, take pictures of food wastage, blog about food wastage or geek out about food wastage? Perhaps we should do more.

Even being deeply instilled with the practice of finishing every grain of rice on my dinner plate, I will still produce wastage. Our modern day affluence numbs my prudence during food purchase and modern health knowledge encourages me not to over eat when dining out. Leading to a lot of waste. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one.

So coming across information about food wastage is refreshing and a good reminder, that like many other things, is just as important. So I started digging a little into this. I’m new to it.

In the US alone, about 25% of food produced is wasted. While about 10% of the world is starving. What a waste!

I’d like to talk about this, but I won’t be doing a dissertation on the subject matter. Fortunately. For all parties. Haha. I shall leave the sharing to the experts.

An introduction

This bloke articulates the cause very well. Listen well.

Back home, in Singapore, here’s what’s happening.

The Movements

Fancy yourself a foodie or at the very least a food fan? You’ll then know very well to pick the very best looking produce while shopping for groceries. Its just nature’s way of tell you right on to pick. The best looking, the best smelling, should be the best tasting. Even the farmers and supermarkets helping in streamlining your options too. So what happens to the misfit produce?

Here, it’s encouraging to see how a supermarket in France attempts to reduce food wastage and save themselves some dosh.

Another site I chanced on is a juicer in the US who cold-presses the ugly produce. What a fantastic thing! Since aesthetics aren’t as important for juices, what better way to use these misfits of produce.

Check these guys out at http://www.misfitjuicery.co/ image credit to them.

Well, that’s all I have for now on the subject matter for now. I’m sure there are many others out there and I’ll be adding more as I stumble upon them.

Please take the time to explore the subject matter yourself and be apart of that movement should you be inspired to participate in it. If you know of more sources, feel free to share them in the comments!

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