“The thing about being ‘an elite’ is…”
Steve Marmel

So what is he actually afraid of? What kind of threat do these three groups in particular pose to the NRA? Well academics are smart and tend not to take things told to them at face value. Political people understand messaging and when something is being said to inform rather than to get a proscribed response. And people in media can indluence large numbers of people. So in a nutshell, he is concerned about smart people learning the truth about a narrative that is being put out into the information stream, figuring out why it is being put out there, and then creating an alternative message to it to inform people about the reality of a situation, rather than what a group wants you to think or believe. Say, perhaps the NRA starts spreading the idea that Obama wants to take your guns, without evidence or statements from him, suggested legislation, overt or subtle actions to that end. That will spur gun sales, which contrary to all other stated goals, is really the point of the NRA. And it did just what it was designed to do. But smart people, and political people, and media people pointed out the fallacy of this argument, which the NRA did not care for. Trump and his cronies, like the NRA need a poorly educated, poorly informed populace to perpetrate the plans they have.

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