If the GOP establishment wants to save its Party, they need to embrace Trump now

As long as the GOP field refuses to narrow down to a two-person race like yesterday, and the establishment still hesitates to back neither Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio (frankly with those choices who can blame them), then it’s time to get behind Donald Trump.

They can do it reluctantly, but do it they must for two big reasons: he is their best shot at getting back the White House and to save their Party.

The candidate that’s leading a political revolution is not Bernie Sanders for the Democrats, it’s Donald Trump for the GOP. He has the large crowds and high voter turns outs. For better or for worse, he is energizing the GOP base like never before.

Media is very focused on the crazy stuff he says, but largely ignores what makes him resonate with the GOP and could possibly with independents and democrats come general elections.

His opponents are right, he is not a real conservative, but he is not a democrat either. He is not exactly a centrist, but he plays for both the far right and the far left.

He has said offensive racist and sexist things towards Muslims, Mexicans and women and fought the Pope. But this is also the candidate who insist the war in Iraq is a mistake now that he’s a politician and went after former President Bush, he is for exemptions in abortions in cases of rape, incest, & health of mother, defends Planned Parenthood, and the universal healthcare plan he advocates for is basically Obamacare with different dressing. He’s also the only one talking about fixing the education system.

And despite those positions contrary to conservatism and republicanism, he is still winning evangelicals, blue collar workers and leading in polls and winning with double digit margins. He is also the candidate that has spent the least in this elections.

In the year of outsiders, he is the ultimate outsider*.

(*never mind that the reason he is not beholden to special interest is because he is special interest who he decided to cut the middle man and ran himself. But his supporters don’t see it that way. To them, he’s the Washington outsider, when really he is been on the inside far deeply and longer than any his opponents).

When it comes to immigration, he knows and everyone knows deporting 11 million is a non starter, so he’s just saying it for effect at this point. He won’t get Mexico to build his wall, but frankly even those who are for immigration reform has conceded to the wall, regardless of who pays for it.

When it comes to him negotiating better trade deal, even the most skeptical can swallow that. Not that it will be a great or even better deal than what we have now, but as long as they don’t get people to think too hard about it, it is conceivable that he can negotiate a deal that’s better for Americans (but not necessarily for American workers and exploits third world countries, but that’s the finer print). Which is easy enough, because this election is about who has the better message and not the better policies.

He lacks foreign policy knowledge and experience, but so does his opponents. And voters don’t care. Just look at Hillary Clinton, her strength in foreign policy is not getting her more support. She didn’t win Nevada because voters think she’ll make a better Commander in Chief than Bernie Sanders, foreign policy doesn’t register high on voters right now (even though it really, really should).

This is how the GOP can sell Trump to the American people: maybe he’s not so bad.*

If they can give him a very credible VP running mate that will make people less worried about Trump, and actually make him the more desirable choice than Tea Party Ted Cruz and Bush mentee Marco Rubio who hasn’t won any state (two people who are connected to what destroyed the GOP and made them lose the White House and lose control of the Congress the past eight years even though they’re the majority: Tea Party and Bush administration), with a very energized base, they have huge chances to win back the White House and/or take back their party from the Tea Party.

*even though he really really is. But GOP establishment also know they could do much worse. Otherwise, they would have gotten behind Cruz or Rubio already.