Best Uses Of Cosmetic Jars

Today, everyone is a little more aware about carbon footprint but still we ignore a few basic things. What are you doing for the environment? What do you do with the extra box packaging or cosmetic packaging material?

Small changes in our everyday lives can bring about a huge difference. To start with, spend a moment thinking what you do with your many cosmetic jars and cosmetic packaging material? Do you just toss them in the garbage can when you are done with them?

Well, these cosmetic jars look trendy and attractive in their awesome sizes, shapes and design. Why not reuse them for some other purpose?

Here are some excellent, yet super easy ideas on how to use cosmetic jars.

Emergency Sewing Kit — These good quality jars make wonderful storage space for all your sewing tools. Use small jars for keeping needles, buttons, threads or other things which you need often but often face difficulties in reaching out to them when in need. You do not have to rush or search around, when there is an emergency and you will need these things. Every thing will be handy. You will have your readymade sewing kit for quick fixes even when you are traveling, as you can easily carry these jars in your bag.

Perfume Jars — The beautiful cosmetic jars can make great solid perfume containers too. It is as simple as melting coconut oil or beewax and keeping your favorite fragrance or essential oil. All you need to ensure is that your cosmetic jar is completely clean and there is no makeup residue before you put anything inside. You can also pour some of your custom perfume in this old makeup compact, where it gets solidified and cools down. This makes an interesting easy to carry perfume, especially if you have kids at home. There is no worry about spilling into your purse too.

Wall Art — These designer cute little cosmetic jars which are an integral part of cosmetic packaging make some great pieces of wall art. You can paint them as you wish, if there are mirrors you can remove them and then simply cluster these jars on the wall or just use them as small picture frames for all those favorite family pictures. It looks unique and quite innovative.

Organizer- A cosmetic jar makes a really good organizer where you can simply keep all those little odd items, which you cannot throw away nor you know where to exactly keep them. You can repurpose your old cosmetic jars as little organizers where you can store all such important things like pills, pins, coins, mints, nails or maybe a piece of earring. These transparent cosmetic jars are easy to carry too, available in different sizes and can be kept anywhere. Your kids can use these jars to keep different stationery items too like erasers, pens and so on depending on the size of the jar.

Paint Pallet — All cosmetic jars and containers make wonderful mini pallet for painting as one travels. You simply need to put a bit of liquid watercolor. Primary colors are always recommended for the purpose, but ensure that the jar is always clean before you think about turning it into a mini pallet. This can be easily put into your purse and carried whenever you are traveling.

These were some of the best uses of makeup jars and containers, to find more you can at Allinpackaging. Do you have some more interesting ideas?