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Voice assistant apps can go way beyond the quizzes and trivia games.
Being assistive by their nature, they can really help your customers achieve their goals in a fashion much closer to human conversation rather than soulless checkbox-select-type chore we got used to since the birth of websites.

To understand the capabilities of voice assistant apps take a look at this video presenting one of my projects called Hotel Finder. This example runs on Google Assistant which is natively available on all android phones (that’s in a region of 2 billion users).

User Experience

Note that during making this video I actually used a keyboard, not voice (it was late and I didn’t want to wake anyone up) Hotel Finder was designed to work across all media — smart speakers, phones, cars… even smart fridges! …

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Actions on Google — “Usage” section with some filters applied

Hello Google Actions and voice developers! I recently discovered some cool features in Actions on Google console, under the “Usage” section. Check out the video I below exploring filters that allow to get more in-depth data of voice app usage.

By playing around with these filters I discovered few things that I thought might be helpful to other developers who consider building an app for Google Assistant (and think about ways to monetise it too).

Review of usage statistics of Word Chain — Google Assistant word game https://assistant.google.com/services/a/uid/000000a90be99931


Looking at the analytics data of my game called Word Chain (which celebrates 2 years since release by the way!) …

Hey Google, let’s play a game!
Hey Google, let’s play a game!

Thinking about new ideas for a game for Google Assistant, I conducted a little research on the quality of games, currently available to users. All Actions on Google (voice apps, usually triggered by saying “Hey Google, talk to…”) can be found in this directory.

Hint: there’s a FREE download available at the end of this article.

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Access Actions directory on your smartphone by tapping the compass icon.

The Google Assistant directory provides a list of available Actions, with user rating, number of reviews, author of Action and some standard information like description, icons etc. …


Marek Miś

Voice Assistants Enthusiast | Designer | Developer | Founder of Veeheister.com| Creative Technologist at Greenwood Campbell | https://marekmis.com/

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