“In the beginning God created man..” The creator spoke with a stern voice as he glared at me from his rounded glasses. “But you were created by whom?” Not wanting to disappoint my master I straightened up my shoulders. “My master; you sir.” His eyes never parted from my own. “Correct good creature.” He patted my head as he shut the wooden door behind him. Humans like yourself have birthdays. A baby is born to two loving parents who welcome them with warm blankets hugs and kisses. I was “born” in a cold dark room with thousands watching and taking pictures as a tracking microchip was implanted into my cloned body. A part of me had parents and had once experienced a birthday, maybe went to school even.

I had discovered this after I disobeyed the master and looked at my confidential file. I was a clone derived from the DNA and RNA strands of a young strong man. Part of the army’s new program to use clones to fight wars. We do not matter, or feelings do not matter and we are referred to as creature. I am not supposed to feel emotions I am not to speak outside of my hourly meetings with my master and I am especially not allowed to speak about my origins. The last person who questioned their origins was ordered to be executed at dawn. I looked beside my bed at the approved readings for me. Mostly books about war, advanced weaponry and science. Nothing about how I was created of course every book was read by the master to make sure of that. The room is getting darker so I imagine that night is coming now since I cannot make out the words on the old musty pages. I begin to climb into my bed. A small twin mattress with a single pillow and scratchy blanket. I placed my hand behind my head and looked at the stone walls. The only light I see is from a rectangular opening in my ceiling. If I escape it will be a national disaster and if I fall into the wrong hands it will be disastrous. I hear the same thing everyday. I put on a robotic and a henchman like obedience everyday I wouldn’t want them to attempt to destroy my emotions and personality if they knew I had one. “Hello?” I turned around startled that was a young woman's voice. “Yes,…hello Madame?” My voice shook as I spoke the words how do I address this? “Christopher?” The voice shook and sounded like it was coming from all around me. “Who is Christopher? I am project thing.” “Christopher oh god Christopher they did it! Oh my God they did it!” I heard some rustling and the next thing I knew someone else spoke someone older. “Honey we have missed you so very much!” I stared at the panic button near me and the doctors words ran thru my head. “If ever you feel startled or unsafe use this and we will be here to help.” The voice spoke again the older one and it felt like my heart would kill me. “Our Christopher was killed by a bomb we signed off to have the body cloned as long as we got to see you and your personality was kept the same. Once they took the samples we never heard anything about it again. My husband started working here 5 years ago and we finally were able to get him to allow us to sneak in at a safe time. Your sister and myself are here to see you.” She started crying, “Can we look at you and speak please? We are at the vent above you.” I still cannot describe the feelings I felt. I would describe it as being punched and beaten with a metal pole. I was lied too by master. “Yes, please so I may see your faces.” I managed to lift my body from the bed; which was hard since I felt like I was carrying bricks in my heart. I glanced up to see an older woman with short grey hair, loving brown eyes and a tear streaked dirt face. The young girl had dark hair and big brown eyes. “We’ve missed you so much! You look just like Christopher. What do they call you?” She held her hand over her mouth as she cried once more. “My name is project thing. I don’t have a name nor do I have emotions or memories of you.” The young one was also now crying as well, “Thing they have lied to us and you. You are our family when you died…when he died we did whatever we could to have you back. Dad has tried to sneak us in but was just now able to.”

They spent the next 30 minutes crying,staring and talking to me. I was an actual person who was loved, Christopher had graduated high school with honors and a 4.0, he immediately enlisted in the army and was quickly promoted, his father was a scientist which after the death of Christopher was why I was approached for the project. It was going to well until I heard the footsteps. “My master is here please stay very quiet.” I glanced at the vent telling them to move out of sight with my eyes. The door opened and the master stepped in. “Nightly check in for Project thing .” He spoke it into his recorder as always. “How are you thing?” He straightened his tie as he began speaking to me again. “I am getting ready to leave and wanted to make sure you were settled for tonight.” I stood to face him, “You lied to me.” He seemed puzzled, “may I ask about what?” I felt as if someone had put firecrackers into my stomach. “Who I am, I have a family.” He laughed a big laugh and took off his glasses to wipe them. “Your family is a test tube of multiple chemicals,water and some genetic material. You are delusional with depression. Shall I call you in some medication?”

“I have a mother,father and a sister.” He shook his head, “No Project your clone had those things you as an individual do not. You were taken from his body are physically and emotionally similar but you are not Christopher himself.” This really set me off and I lunged at him catching his throat between my hands. “ I am a person not a thing I have feelings and character!” I could feel his facial hair against my hands, I just kept squeezing. He tried to struggle and even call me by name and it wasn’t making me stop. When he didn’t struggle anymore I let go he wasn’t moving. My mother and sister had moved into view, “What was going on Christopher are you….?” The next sound I will never forget I heard a scream from my sister. “Dad is dead!” I looked at my masters face and then my sisters and saw the same eyes just hidden by rose colored glasses. I could hear their screaming and sobbing filling the room, “I’m sorry.” I stared at my hands and I made myself walk over to the panic button and I pressed it. The room quickly filled with armored soldiers who saw what I had done. I heard a gun click and then with a boom I fell. A black cloud consumed my vision and I fell into an eternal sleep just like Christopher did.

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