3 Biggest Myths About Making A Family History Video

If you want to capture your family’s attention and share an ancestor’s story in a video, but are afraid it’s just too hard, too expensive, or too overwhelming, then you need to read this immediately because the myths and the TRUTH about making family history videos are inside this article.

Myth #1: Technology is too difficult

This was once true.

But, it’s time to put this myth to bed.

Believing the technology behind making a video is too difficult hurts you because it holds you back from sharing your precious family history.

The Reality

The actual reality in this situation is the technology involved in creating video stories is simple. In fact it has evolved to the point where, if you can turn on a computer or you use a smart phone, you can make a video.

Myth #2: Video is too expensive

Another myth that was once true.

And another myth that needs to be put to bed.

We are all visual people who grew up watching TV — we are comfortable and familiar with watching stories told with video.

And telling your family story on video is a great way to create interest across all generations. But making a video no longer means you need a fancy camera or editing equipment.

The Reality

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The really great news is that video, great quality video, is more affordable ever been before. You can use equipment you already own, such as a tablet, iPad, smart phone, laptop computer to create great family history videos.

Myth #3: I can figure all this out on my own

While it’s true the technology and equipment for creating and telling your family history has gotten so much easier and inexpensive, figuring out how to make a family history video on your own for the first time is still the slow hard way, with lots of side roads to get lost on and dead ends to run into along the way.

The Reality

The reality is you need an experienced guide who has made this journey with many others just like you.

An experienced guide knows where the potholes are and how to avoid them, and how to make the process of telling an ancestor’s story on video efficient, enjoyable and rewarding! Following the proven steps with a guide makes it more likely you will end up with an engaging video you can share with your family and bring their ancestors alive to them.

Bonus myth: It will take a 12-part mini-series to tell my family history story

You may well have researched and discovered information about many people in your lineage. No doubt, creating a video that covers multiple generations and experiences would be overwhelming.

The Reality

You don’t have to tell your whole family history in one video. One engaging story in a short video will do it. Once you have one video under your belt, you create another one. But you need to get started now!

Now that you know the myths, I’d like to invite you to further discover the truth about creating family history videos. I’d love to share some FREE brain tickling tools to help you quickly identify a story and images for an ancestor story video. Click here or on the image to get your free Ancestor Story Tools.

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Originally published at margareteves.com on June 25, 2016.