Why to Become Reseller in Telecom Industry

There are many business industries the resellers can work and make a business, but nowadays one of the developing industries is the telecommunication industry. The capacity and possibility to connect with one another over distances is fundamental need of humanity. So here it comes one of the roles of resellers’: support people reach that freedom and have an independent living at the same time.

Reselling VoIP services is a promising start for your telecommunication business as nowadays the VoIP market is in a big trend and the demand for such solutions are growing more and more. Different companies from various industries want to have either their own real-time communication app or integrate some solutions (video, audio calls, media sharing, messaging) into their already existing app.

You can earn revenue with the fast growing business by simply being VoIP reseller and generate earnings. Being relatively new service in technology and telecommunication industry, resellers benefit from the competitive market; more chances to get deep in the business, develop it and earn money.

Here are some reasons why someone should start a reseller career in Telecom Industry:

Reason 1: It doesn’t need a huge funding. Practically any new business project and initiation requires some primary and fundamental things — an office space, workers, etc. By becoming reseller no one needs any of above mentioned things: all you need is your laptop/computer/tablet.

Reason 2: No specific knowledge on VoIP industry. Basically, the most important issue you should think of is the right decision over VoIP service provider. Many companies even provide you technical support and other necessary tools throughout the reselling process.

Reason 3: Easy way to earn money. You can have an immense revenue by putting the VoIP rates at a retail price, as VoIP rates are quite flexible. As the reseller has to decide and set up the tariffs he/she wishes, so it is up to him how much money will be generated. You can even think of different and interesting tariff rates and promotional prices to engage customers and make them your clients.

Here is Zangi- fast growing telecom company, which has a very promising partnership program, that I would like to present you as an example.

Joining Zangi Partnership Program allows you to partner with one of the best business builders in Unified Communication Industries and to offer the most dependable telecom services in the market and get additional revenue. By Joining Zangi Partnership program resellers can provide their customers best selling products!

So how does it work?

  • You bring a client
  • Client buys product
  • You get your one-time commission from sold product
  • You continue to get your monthly revenues

So why not earn money in one step?