How to code using basic HTML

To get started you need to know what coding even means, coding is what makes it possible for developers to create software, websites, and apps, coding surrounds our everyday life and that is why it is a valuable skill to have.

  • The first step to becoming a beginner coder is to download some sort of application on your computer that will allow you to write out your code. I prefer to use Textwrangler on my Macbook, but I know plenty of people who use Notepad++ they both work pretty much the same way.
  • Next step create a folder on your desktop where you will keep EVERYTHING you use in your website from the html doc itself to the pictures of videos.
  • Next step is to open up the application and enter your first code, what you are going to start with is an open bracket that looks like this <html> then you are going to hit return about ten times and then do a closing bracket that looks like this </html>
  • The next step you are going to do is to add a head tab like this <head> it is also important to close it right after applying it just so you don’t forget about closing it </head>
  • Next add a title that will be the name that will be listed on the tab <title> and then you can end it right after with a </title>
  • Next add <style> and make sure to close it with </style>
  • Then add a <body> and close it </body> what will be in the body is most of the content for the website.
  • Within the body you can add <h1> which is like headers or separate lines of words there are h1-h6 the higher the header the smaller the text will appear and don’t forget to close right after. Also <p> and </p> is the way to add a paragraph to your website.
  • There are so many fun things you can add to a website and what I have found the most helpful resource to use is YouTube and html websites like clicking on html there are many tips and tricks to html
  • The final step will be to use an application such as CyberDuck this will help you upload your website to the actual web. If you are a student you can use your school’s server to set up your website but this will not last forever. There are other ways to launch your website but they will not be free and you will have to pay monthly. Now everyone can access your website with the right URL address. Before you do this you are just previewing what your website will look like but everything is saved to your desktop in a file and without having that file on everyone’s desktop they can not view what you have created without doing this step.
  • Check out the picture of these steps laid out in textwrangler

It is important to not freak out if things don’t work. Just take a minute to look for mistakes such as misspelled words or caps not matching, everything has to match or else it can not find it. HTML is a frustrating but very satisfying and addicting skill to learn. Having these basic skills will help you in all kinds of aspects of life in the workforce, in hobbies, and just in understanding what is going on in our technology.

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