Top 5 eSports betting websites

The world of eSports betting has exploded in the last few years. With huge tournaments hosted across the world with 7-figure prizes and millions of fans, eSports is definitely here to stay. With that popular rise has also brought the attention of bookmakers. While there were only a few bookmakers who were interested in eSports a few years ago to test the market, today there are many of the world’s largest betting sites onboard.

Today we would like to cover Top 5 eSports betting websites where you should bet. We hope that you will like this new addition of our weekly eSports articles. Have a good read!

Betway has been around for a decade and began as a traditional sportsbook but quickly established themselves as an innovator in online betting. The company branched out to go beyond just bookmaking and offered dedicated portals for poker, casino games, etc. and it did not take long for them to become one of the first mainstream betting sites to create a dedicated section for eSports.

One of the things about Betway that puts them ahead of almost every other eSports betting site out there is the fact that they have a huge selection of eSports games that they offer to bet on. Not only do they have the two biggest games in eSports right now, LoL and DOTA 2, you can also find plays on CS: GO, Hearthstone, HOTS, World of Tanks, and Starcraft 2.

Something that can’t be overlooked with Betway is that they do offer a wide range of special offers to bring in new bettors. The most notable of these is that Betway offers basically a free bet on certain bet types. You can place a 5-fold accumulator bet (you bet on 5 matches) and if one of your teams lose, they will give you your money back on your first bet.

As one of the biggest names in online betting, it’s no surprise that they are one of the best sportsbooks for eSports as well. With decent odds, multiple ways to place bets, and a very newbie-friendly approach for first-time bet placers, Betway is a great option if you want to try eSports betting without taking any risk. Unfortunately it’s not available for all countries, simply check out its website and you’ll see it right away!

If you are from the UK, you have undoubtedly heard of William Hill. While they continue to grow globally, William Hill started in Britain in the 1930s for horse race bets. Within 30 years they expanded to include other sports and that expansion continues today as they have recently added eSports betting for games like League of Legends to their portfolio. Despite being new to the scene, they are still an attractive sportsbook option based on their brand history alone.

Because William Hill is so new to eSports, they do not offer as many games to bet on that other sites, such as Betway, do. Typically with William Hill, you will see the Big Four of eSports that you can bet on: League of Legends, DOTA 2, CS:GO, and Starcraft 2. One thing to note about William Hill is that with many tournaments and matches you will find good odds but you typically won’t find odds very early. Most of the time odds won’t be released until the match is just a day or 2 away from being played so you need to constantly check the site to see what is available on any particular day.

A new eSports site has launched into the world of virtual sports gaming. Having started out in 2016, its headquarters are located in Curacao. This particular site is highly focused on offering a unique betting experience, while financially contributing to support your favourite professional esports teams.

A new feature that this website is offering is the Team contributions. You can show your support towards your favourite squad by placing your wagers. A great idea to motivate eSports teams to reach their full potential in the virtual sport. All bets placed on victorious matches thanks to bettors, pays out the teams 1% or the special bonus rate of 5%. The payout figures shown on the site give you a clue which squad is most favoured among players.

To make life easier for you, has been developed to be accessible on mobile devices so that you can keep track on the go anywhere you are. Add to this the amazing offers and latest news that make betting all the more pleasurable.

Pinnacle Sports is well known in the sports betting world and is one of the first betting platforms that adopted eSports betting. What started out as a test market back in 2010, their eSports betting platform now takes more than a million bets every year. While they do not offer betting options on too many games, they are considered one of the most trusted sites for making eSports bets.

You can view odds on Pinnacle in either decimal format or American format which is convenient, but the real benefit of Pinnacle is that they have small margins. Margins are those hidden fees that sportsbooks add to odds so they can turn a profit. Since Pinnacle keeps their odds low, bets have good value which works to your benefit.

Pinnacle offers a wide range of betting which is another reason for its popularity. Since eSports betting is still in its infancy, many sites focus on money line betting. This is straightforward betting where you look at the odds and bet on who you think will win.

In addition to money line betting, Pinnacle also offers a variety of other types of betting, including:

Since Pinnacle is such a huge sportsbook and has been online for a while, when you use them for LoL betting you get to take advantage of all the features the site has in general, including the wide range of payment options that are available. They offer credit card options, bank transfers, echeque, Skrill, iDeposit, and many international eWallet accounts depending on where you live.

Ultimately when it comes to eSports betting, sticking with an established sportsbook like Pinnacle that has been in the eSports betting game since the beginning has a lot of benefits. From many payment options, multiple betting types, Pinnacle is a good choice if you are looking for the best odds.

VitalBet is one of the most popular sportsbooks that have been developed with a very specific focus on eSports betting. While the company is currently backed by legendary Filipino boxer Manny Pacquiao, it is actually games like Counter Strike: GO and League of Legends that make the site what it is. There are other sports to bet on and they have an online casino portion, but VitalBet does what many platforms do not and places a huge emphasis on their eSports section.

If you are looking for a ton of games to bet on, VitalBet is not going to give you the most options out there; they focus on the Big Four in gaming right now like most sportsbooks: CS:GO, LoL, SC2, and DotA 2.

That said, VitalBet has a very keen eye for setting odds and you will typically find great spreads without a lot of volatility. Margins are kept fairly low which means you are able to get a lot of value out of your bets compared to some of the other casual betting sites on the internet.

The main focus of VitalBet is traditional match-winner betting, but there are a few different types of betting options available as well. For props, VitalBet allows you to bet on single map wins so if you are confident that a team will pick up at least one map, that is a great option. There are also handicap bets on many maps which allow great value on matches where one team may be a heavy favourite starting out.

VitalBet may not be as popular or established as other brands o the list, but they are not ignoring the rising popularity of eSports at all. VitalBet is a great choice for bettors in the United States that want a site with US Accept, not as good as Bovada, but it’s acceptable if you are looking for second account.

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