Hi Margo,
Tran Nguyen

Hi Tran,

Yes, people with absolutely no tech background can attend Le Wagon. I was one of them :) To be honest, I was even tech adverse, carrying a paper agenda (still do ;)), refusing to take notes on a computer, etc. I still made it and loved the experience… full disclosure, I know teach at Le Wagon :)

Le Wagon’s curriculum is made for both people with no experience and people with previous tech experience. There are LOTS of practical exercises and the most challenging (and optional) ones are typically completed by more advanced campers. And that’s fine, because all campers have the same common base.

The last two weeks of the bootcamp are spent on projects and teams are mixed in terms of level. Each camper will contribute to the extent of their capacities and areas of interest. Some prefer front-end (visual aspect of the platform, design, UX…), some prefer back-end (databases, architecture of the platform, etc.).

Last point: no matter your previous experience, Le Wagon is an intense experience. Everyone works really hard. If you want to do it and you persevere, you will definitely enjoy the ride!