5 Tips to Create Jaw-Dropping Food Photography

Get better food photos with these 5 tips

Make your Food Photos look super tasty.

Natural light will be the best kind of light for all your food photos. If it’s too dark and there is some sort of light on, tilt the camera a bit so that the photo doesn’t look too flat. If that doesn’t work out you can always do some awesome editing with an App.

Create dynamic photographs when you place things off center. Use this simple trick that pros use and your images will stand out from other foodie photos. Place things off to a side. Create a diagonal line with the dish, cups and whatever is on your set.

Add cool props. I love adding a newspaper to my morning breakfast photos. I like to use it as a place setting or just show part of it. When I want show a particular event or piece of news I will find a way to show the date on the paper as well. Placemats help add color and texture to a food photo.

Make your foodie photos POP!

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