How to do Selfies Worthy of a Movie Star

Do you ever wonder how celebrities are always posting such fabulous selfies with their smartphones on social media? From movie stars to reality TV stars, it can become quite daunting comparing our own selfies with those the celebs put out.

But here is something you may not know: Celebs know the secrets of well-known photographers and makeup artists and they know how to manipulate and edit a photo to perfection! Would you also like to know how to put your best face forward and create the perfect selfie?

You too can make your selfie stand out like a rock star! I reveal below the perfect iphone photo tricks and techniques of well-known celebs that you can use too whether in still photos or video:

  1. The Kardashians know this selfie secret: Only photograph or film with awesome light! Diffused light will make you look good and younger. Remember, don’t face the light directly unless there is a translucent fabric in front of the light! There are also an array of “selfie lights” that fit right on top of your iphone like this one for under $10.00 on amazon.
  2. Strike a Pose: Flaunt your “good side”. Get out your mirror! Yes, you do need to go to the mirror and study which poses will be more complimentary to you. Some people look awesome looking straight into the camera and others need to be at 3/4 angle towards the camera. Some people have amazing profiles. Study your face and make sure to implement those poses in your selfie.
  3. This Gives Away Your Age: Here is the thing, many people place the camera in a low angle and then the image (film or video) becomes all about the neck and not the face. Place the camera a tiny bit above the head — it really is tiny bit- 2- 5 inches. This takes the focus off your neck, instantly slims you and beautifully enhances the face!

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