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The word “homosexual” is a mistranslation. The original word did not mean homosexual.

Just FYI.

Also FYI, in none of the extant Gospels (those selected for inclusion in and those excluded from the New Testament) does Jesus bash gay people. Yet so many of his followers make it a huge part of their life to do all they can to deliberately harm people who were born gay and pretend Jesus wants them to hurt people simply because they were born differently. That’s a very perverted, evil way to “follow Christ.”

Those who truly follow Christ do not glorify in harming others, do not seek out people to harm (e.g. by going on LGBT websites to use the Bible as a weapon against LGBT people), etc. Instead, they fight for equality and treat all with love, including those born differently than they.

You might recall that the second greatest commandment (according to Christ) is to love your neighbor as yourself. Hoarding rights that you deny to your neighbor is anti-Christ hate, not love. Attacking people verbally and physically is anti-Christ hate, not love. Using the Bible as a weapon is anti-Christ hate, not love. Telling people they sin simply by existing as they were born is anti-Christ hate, not love.