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On Facebook today, I partook in a conversation about plastic surgery. Many bloggers in the beauty industry received a pitch from a surgeon. I said I would consider a breast lift at some point, but not right now. As I sit here scrolling through Facebook, I see this question,

“ Does anyone else feel like PCOS takes away your femininity?”

My heart dropped.

I wanted to say, YAS!!! Every single damned day! It takes a lot for me to feel feminine and beautiful.

All of the steps that I have to do on a daily basis is more than what your regular fashionista or beauty expert have to do. …

Please note, there are some spoilers in this article

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Until three days ago,The Crock-Pot® Brand, did not have a Twitter account. It created the social media account for one purpose — to comfort the fans of “This Is Us” after this Tuesday’s episode.

We’re 💔 over last night’s episode, too! Kayla, we’re innocent until proven guilty. Since the ’70s we’ve been providing families with quality & safe products, ask your parents if you don’t believe us. DM us w/ any ?? & we’d be happy to tell you more about our safety standards!

— The Crock-Pot® Brand (@CrockPotCares) January 24…

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