The Lost World of Typewriters
Kanchana Doraiswamy

What a lovely story! My mother found me a typewriter at a church auction in Bangalore for 500 rupees a few years ago and we got it serviced by a man just like Mr. Gopalakrishna, equally enamored by typewriters and dedicated to maintaining them. I especially liked your point about old things only having value for people with disposable income. It feels strange to yearn for a time when typewriters were the norm when they have become such a hipster indulgence today! But really, there is nothing like the physicality of typing on a typewriter, knowing that your mistakes can’t be easily erased. It really makes you think so much harder about every word.

I have the same model used by the notaries at BDA complex in Koramangala and it’s nice to walk past them sometimes, silently acknowledging this odd commonality we share.

Thank you for writing about Bangalore!