[Amazing Risk Aversion ]BTC plunged by 20% and the Cryptozoic VCC meets an unprecedented opportunity for buying

Sep 26 · 4 min read

At around 9:00 pm on September 24, 2019, Moscow Time, the entire cryptocurrency market, led by Bitcoin, plunged considerably, and the price quickly fell from above $9,500 to an intraday low of $7,700 in just over two hours. The 20% drop was the lowest since mid-June. The rest of the mainstream currency also followed the plunge, especially the big emperor BCH fell more than 20%. The overall market suffered a terrible bleak and the bearish sentiment increased.

This bitcoin plunge was caused by multiple reasons. Firstly, bitcoin broke the key resistance level, and $9000 was a major support. When Bitcoin fell below this level, a wave of selling was triggered. Secondly, foreign media assumed that it had something to do with the US House Democrats’ claim to impeach President Trump. At 12 pm on September 24, 2019, Moscow Time, Pelosi announced the opening of impeachment and accused Trump of abusing his power. The number of those currently supporting the impeachment of the Democrats reached 174.

Since the launch of VCC public chain, it has gone through many turbulences in the market, but the VCC public chain has proved its superior anti-fall and risk aversion by time and strength. This bitcoin plunge caused a couple of full-line crashes and the top 10 cryptocurrency represented by BCH and XRP fell 10%-40% in this turmoil. In the market, the Cryptozoic VCC public chain and USDT stood tall. However, as a stable currency, USDT lacks the property of the mining Cryptozoic VCC public chain to bring static mining income to investors while maintaining the stability of the currency. The VTC public chain can not only avert risks, but also stabilize income, showing the most valuable and scarce investment assets in the market.

The combination of TWIN-EX value balance mechanism and legendary mining of Cryptozoic VCC makes the value potential of Cryptozoic VCC public chain fully play out in every market turbulence. More importantly, despite the downturn in the encryption market, the legendary mining returns of the Cryptozoic VCC public chain remain relatively high. Moreover, the peculiar coin mining can still bring stable static returns to investors when the price of the currency falls, which is an industry miracle of the integration of financial model and scientific and technological innovation.

This decline in the encryption market will be the best time to buy Cryptozoic VCC at a bargain. If there is no destructive irresistible factor in the encryption market in the next few years, it will be very difficult to see the opportunity of entering and buying more digital currency of Cryptozoic VCC.

The growth process of Cryptozoic VCC is a stable and sustainable return process for investors. Under the current global financial market investment value restructuring pattern, any excellent investment project in the investment market must provide good, stable and sustainable investment holding value to its users in the process of its growing (emphasis on technological innovation and user value progress, and application of new Internet traffic economic model).

Cryptozoic VCC is a new digital currency that provides real value for users in its rapid growth process. At this moment, what we need to do is to seize the rare opportunity of adjusting the cryptozoic VCC brought about by the decline of Bitcoin and quickly join in the new round of restructuring process of digital currency market pattern. This is the scientific investment attitude towards digital currency market to meet the new era of future development of this market.

Many people say that 2019 is the beginning of a new bull market of digital currency, but in our view 2019 is the beginning of the survival of the fittest and the restructuring of the digital currency market. Today’s plunge of mainstream currencies is the sign and miniature of our judgment. Of all the once mainstream currency, Perhaps only Bitcoin has the ability and foundation to enter the mainstream of the global digital financial market, because it has a consensus on payment function, while other mainstream currencies (XRP, EOS) may weaken their position and weight once they had in the market of digital currency with the continuous iteration of block chain technology and the application and innovation of new block chain technology. In recent three months, [Cryptozoic VCC], which has gradually come into people’s view, is the core representative of the application and innovation of this new block chain technology.


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