Bitcoin production will halve in 2020. Can you seize the four-year opportunity?

Oct 9 · 4 min read

Since its birth in 2009, BTC has been doubted. As a social experiment, Bitcoin and block chain technology have perfectly verified the feasibility of a decentralized liquidation network. Bitcoins have a fixed ceiling of 21 million, so they are inherently inflation-proof. But these miners are minting money at a steady rate of 25 bitcoins per minute every day. How to control the production of 21 million? The answer is to halve the production.

On January 3, 2009, the Bitcoin genesis block came out with a reward of 50BTC.

On November 28, 2012, Bitcoin’s 210,000 blocks were dug up. The block reward was halved for the first time, and the block award was 25 BTC.

On July 10, 2016, Bitcoin halved its reward to 12.5 BTC after 420,000 blocks were dug up.

Halving will double the cost of mining, which will lead to changes in the supply-demand relationship, which is the basic law of economics: prices are determined by supply and demand, and if demand remains unchanged and supply decreases, prices will rise.

The supplier is the miner. If the mining cost and difficulty remain unchanged, the mining cost doubles after halving, and the minimum cost of acquiring bitcoin doubles, the miner will not be willing to sell the new coin at the original price. The price will have to double or even higher, so the bull market of halving the bitcoin will be “imperative”.

So, how can investors seize the investment opportunity of Bitcoin’s production halving in 2020?

As an investor, it is most important to choose the investment opportunity. Let’s take a look at the recently hot Cryptozoic VCC.

Bitcoin production halves in the near future — investment opportunities revealed by the Cryptozoic VCC

The Cryptozoic VCC, which also has the characteristics of anonymity, decentralization and regular production reduction, has been highly sought after and recognized by the market since its birth.

The power of consensus has created an infinite enlargement of the value potential of the Cryptozoic VCC. The biggest difference between Cryptozoic VCC and Bitcoin is that Bitcoin is the representative of monetary freedom, bringing spiritual beliefs to many people, while Cryptozoic VCC wins the trust of investors with more innovative block chain technology and more imaginative ecological construction.

It is precisely because of the great technological advantages that the Cryptozoic VCC has a strong foothold in today’s mixed block chain industry. Innovative technology has brought about a strong consensus system, and a strong consensus system has improved the layout of the Cryptozoic VCC ecosystem.

Another advantage of the birth of the Cryptozoic VCC at this time point is that Bitcoin’s production reduction is expected to be realized soon. By halving this production, the profitable capital will have a high probability of finding the next currency that can achieve higher returns. At that time, the Cryptozoic VCC will be the most suitable choice for investors. However, many smart capitalists will act before this time point. Assuming that there is no destructive force majeure in the encryption market in the next two years, the Cryptozoic VCC in this currency position will never be seen again.

From the investment point of view, the most appropriate asset allocation option for the Cryptozoic VCC is before and after the production reduction of Bitcoin.

1. Cryptozoic VCC is a stock of financial science and technology. Based on the underlying technology of block chain, the peak value of TPS is as high as 80000, which supports the commercial application of average TPS over 8000. The technological innovation of Cryptozoic VCC has made a new breakthrough in the technical field of block chain.

2. Cryptozoic VCC is a stock of value investment. Compared with Bitcoin, which is an event-driven type of investment, emergencies have a great impact on currency prices. The value of the Cryptozoic VCC that has the steadily rising market performance comes from the consensus of the community.

Although the current block chain industry is still dominated by Bitcoin, the Cryptozoic VCC must be the mainstream currency with the most investment value in the face of the potential ecological value in the future. The future is unpredictable. Perhaps the production of Bitcoin will halve in 2020 and it will not be able to reproduce the 10-fold increase of Bitcoin in 2012. However, for far-sighted investors, the market has ushered in a new opportunity to bet — the Cryptozoic VCC.

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