Cryptozoic VCC Opens Its Code Source,Create an Ecosystem of Value Together!

Oct 12 · 3 min read

October 12, 2019,the Cryptozoic VCC announced that it officially opened its source code and fully empowered block chain developers. Since its establishment, the Cryptozoic technological community has undergone extremely arduous research and development, and achieved remarkable technological results.

In view of the continuous realization and stable operation of the Cryptozoic technology module, and adhering to the spirit of open and free block chain, the Cryptozoic technology community officially launched the open source project.

You may now have the following questions. What is the main content of open source of this code? What is the meaning of open source?

This article will take you to explore it, detailing the hidden various black technology of the open source of the Cryptozoic VCC core code!

What is the main content of open source of Cryptozoic VCC?

In the first stage of the Cryptozoic VCC, part of the public chain code source will be open. The main open source codes include:

1. The code corresponding to the function of the super-node, including the smart contract and the public chain native code.

2. The rewards of corresponding code will be given for open mining , including the public chain native code.

Get the open source code address at:

The open source code of Cryptozoic VCC includes four sections. In the future, it will continue to open source code according to the stability and maturity of public chain, wallet APP, block chain browser and dandelion network code.

Get the open source community address at:

Why did the Cryptozoic VCC open its source?

In the world of block chains, code is law and morality. Only code can build community consensus of block chains. The open source of the Cryptozoic VCC public chain means that any programmer familiar with go language can get the code through the chain above, review its internal implementation logic, check and modify the code, and compile its own executable files. It also means that no one can hide Trojan horses or backdoors in the program to ensure that the project runs in a completely open, fair and just environment. The Cryptozoic technological community is willing to work with its members to safeguard the code-based law and morality and build a healthy developer ecology.

Currently, the Cryptozoic VCC uses GitHub as a platform for all code development and management. Since today’s source opening, the code modification and upgrade of the follow-up Cryptozoic VCC project will be carried out in a completely open and transparent environment. Welcome the supervision and inspection of members of the global community. The Cryptozoic VCC will prove with practical actions that we are serious about open source. We hope that every technological enthusiast can provide us with more valuable suggestions, and contribute to the establishment of a decentralized storage ecosystem!


The open source of the Cryptozoic VCC aims at providing a more open development environment for community users and developers, attracting excellent global developers to work together to optimize the performance of the main network and various settings, bringing a new digital life to everyone, and truly realizing the concept of the value of the Internet of Things.

In the future, with the gradual development of Cryptozoic VCC open source, it will better build developer communities, organize off-line activities such as developer salons, provide technical and application guidance to developers, empower developers, enterprises and other roles, promote the block chain to spread among all walks of life, and boost the construction of credit society.

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